2019 Lexus ES 350
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The Best Used Cars Under $30,000

Buying a used car doesn’t always mean decreased performance. Many cars on dealership lots are still in great condition. Some companies, like Carvana, won’t even sell a vehicle that had been in an accident. Good reliability is also an important factor. Used cars with great reliability ratings can last many years after their initial release. …


Future Classics That Are Still Affordable (For Now)

Looking for a new project or just something to tinker with over the winter? There are some great cars that future classics, which means they’re still priced reasonably. That may not last long. Our friends over at Hagerty Insurance have a unique tool at their disposal that helps them determine which cars are starting to …

auto workers buffing car door

The Easiest Hacks to Fix That Scratch on Your Car

If you take your car to an auto shop, it could mean that you’ll be ripped off by them. Thankfully, there are a lot of cheap ways to fix your car yourself without having to take it in. And when it comes to scratches on your car, there are so many ways that you can fix it yourself with materials you …