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There are many types of used cars on the market. However, full-size SUVs seem to be pretty popular among buyers. Not only do they offer more space, but they often offer more powerful performance. It also seems that this used SUV segment might have claims for being more reliable than other types of sport utility vehicles. This is because these vehicles have fewer complaints on CarComplaints.

So, are full-size SUVs more reliable than other used types of SUVs?

Are used full-size SUVs reliable?

It’s hard to say that one segment of used vehicles is more reliable than any other. However, upon examining the numbers, there are far more full-size models with the CarComplaints ‘seal of awesome’ than other segments. In fact, one full-size SUV has more models with the seal of awesome than multiple automakers combined.

Regarding full-size SUVs, four different models have the seal of awesome from CarComplaints. However, the Toyota Sequoia alone has 15 models that have the seal.

Because of this, full-size options have more models with very few complaints, to be fair there are also quite a few compact and midsize SUVs that earned the recommendation. Still, people in search of the best full-size SUVs on the used market have more options than with models from other segments.

Which full-size SUVs got the ‘Seal of Awesome’?

Four full-size SUVs have the CarComplaints ‘seal of awesome’. The one with the most is the Toyota Sequoia. As mentioned, it has 15 model years with the seal. The first came in 2003, and the last is the 2017 Toyota Sequoia. Notably, all model years in between have the seal.

The Chevrolet Tahoe has five model years with the seal of awesome, making it one of the best used SUVs.

The Nissan Armada, which often flies under the radar, also has multiple model years with the ‘seal of awesome’. It got the honor consecutively from 2009 until 2012.

Another used SUV that has model years with few complaints is the Ford Expedition. It has three, and they start in 2007 and go until 2009. Of course, this does not mean there aren’t other reliable used full-size options, but these are the least likely to have significant problems.

Always do your research even if it’s supposed to be reliable

The full-size SUV segment has more options with the ‘seal of awesome’ from CarComplaints than any other SUV segment. However, this does not mean it’s an overall more reliable segment of vehicles.

The same is true with individual vehicles because no two cars are the same. One buyer could get a vehicle with a high rating for reliability but still experience major problems. On the other hand, a person could get one with lower scores and have almost no issues.

Doing the proper research before buying a used vehicle is paramount. This is because these vehicles have histories that impact how they perform and what problems they may have. For example, if a vehicle has been in an accident, it could have more issues than expected. Because of this, buyers should get the vehicle report, get an inspection from an auto mechanic, and test drive the vehicle in question.

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