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Saving some cash with a used Honda Ridgeline model is never a bad idea. But remember to do your research first to avoid getting stuck with a lemon. Not every truck is created the same each year, so steer clear of the worst Honda Ridgeline years. 

What are the worst used Honda Ridgeline years? 

The 2017 Honda Ridgeline on the road
2017 Honda Ridgeline | Honda

One of the worst-used Honda Ridgeline years is from 2017. The 2017 Honda Ridgeline is when the unibody truck, made its return after a long hiatus, and it came back with a few issues to correct. 

For example, the 2017 Ridgeline has tons of complaints about the propulsion system. According to Vehicle History, it would chug while accelerating, and the RPMs would bounce while going up inclines. 

To make matters worse, the transmission is prone to shaking. Drivers reported that it would rattle at speeds of 65 mph and while changing gears. The issue occurred before reaching 100,000 miles. 

Three different recalls were issued due to a leaky fuel pump. The pump feed port might leak fuel after being exposed to liquids like car wash soap. Water may also leak into the wiring harness, causing electrical shorts. 

Also, the electronics seemed to be on the fritz with inconsistent power connections. The navigation, radio and more could randomly stop working. 

Watch out for the 2008 Ridgeline 

You might be able to get the 2008 Honda Ridgeline for a pretty low price, but watch out for its seedy past. This is one of the worst Honda Ridgeline model years. Also, check the body integrity. 

The 2008 model is known for issues with the clear coat and peeling paint. The cab panel may fall off, and the weather stripping is prone to rotting. 

Also, the climate control systems fail pretty early on. Drivers reported that the air conditioner and heater stopped working before their trucks made it to 73,000 miles. The repairs could cost over $2,000. 

There was a massive recall for faulty airbags, but some drivers with faulty airbag indicators on the dash didn’t have their VIN included in the recall. Also, people were told that the replacement parts weren’t available and never heard back from dealerships about the problem. 

Electrical problems also plague the 2008 Ridgeline. One driver had the wiring harness for the fan blower melt, and it could have caused a fire. The wiring to the lights became detached, and other shorts started fires. 

Be careful with the 2019 Ridgeline 

The 2019 Honda Ridgeline parked in dirt
2019 Honda Ridgeline | Honda

The 2019 Honda Ridgeline is another one of the worst-used Ridgelines out there. It has the most recalls out of every second-generation model so far. Recalls included problems related to the fuel pump and timing belt teeth separating. 

Also, there was a structural issue with the hood. It’s like it doesn’t fit correctly and wobbles at high speeds. The transmission only made things worse by shaking and rattling at highway speeds. 

The AWD system could get stuck. Drivers reported that the wheels on the passenger side of the truck would stay in AWD while the tires on the driver’s side lost power. Replacing the relay corrected this issue. 

Plus, there are problems with the seatbelts and airbags. The airbags may not deploy correctly, and the seatbelt pretensioners may not function properly. Hopefully, the recall addressed these safety issues. 

Overall, the Honda Ridgeline is a good truck to consider. It’s comfortable and full of value. Just watch out for these three model years in particular.