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For decades, Detroit manufacturers have been installing luxury bodies on truck frames. The Cadillac Escalade and Lincoln Navigator have long dominated the Large Luxury SUV market. But times are a-changing, and Detroit’s methods no longer cut it: for 2022, it is the BMW X7 that Consumer Reports says “feels worth every penny.”

The BMW X7 got reviews rave

The 2022 BMW X7 is relatively sporty for its size. In addition it has good ride quality and a top-notch interior. While BMW often has top-rated midsize SUVs and cars, it is now going toe-to-toe with Detroit in the large luxury SUV space. And it seems to be winning.

This is a black leather interior in a BMW X7 luxury suv.
BMW X7 interior | BMW

Consumer Reports put the BMW X7 through its paces–both on the track and off–and it raved about the results.

“The new X7 is BMW’s biggest-ever SUV and it aims squarely at large luxury SUVs such as the Audi Q7 and Mercedes-Benz GLS. Unlike some other high-priced models we’ve recently tested, our $84,000 X7 feels worth every penny.”

Consumer Reports

J.D. Power was equally generous. The publication said that the BMW X7 is near the top of its segment in fuel economy and range, engine smoothness, and maneuverability. The BMW X7’s performance numbers vary by trim, but it gets 15-19 city MPGs and 21-24 highway MPGs. Its horsepower ranges from 335 to 612.

The publication reports owners are especially happy with how the X7 can move through traffic or in and out of tight parking spots. It appears BMW translated much of the X5’s sporty handling to this larger SUV.

So where does the BMW X7 fall short? Owners told J.D. Power that getting in and out of the third-row seats is a bit more difficult than other SUVs in the segment. In the same vein, its cargo space is not as plentiful as certain other full-size third-row SUVs. Finally, its audio system earned a “below average” rating when pitted against the rest of the luxury SUV segment.

Is BMW X7 reliable?

You can get the BMW X7 with either a a hybrid I6 or a twin-turbocharged V8. J.D. Power gave it a 79/100 for predicted reliability.

A black 2022 BMW X7 in a solid white room.
2022 BMW X7 | BMW

The X7 comes standard with BMW’s 3.0-liter turbocharged six-cylinder with a 48-volt mild hybrid system. It also has an eight-speed automatic. This powertrain can rocket the big vehicle to 60 mph in just 6.5 seconds–and gets 22 mpg. BMW rolled out a V8 version in 2020, but if reliability is your main concern you might want to stick with the entry-level trim.

Is BMW X7 good in the snow?

BMW did not engineer its X7 with serious off-roading in mind. That said, every X7 offers AWD. Drivers expecting exceptionally poor driving conditions can also opt for locking differentials.

Another standard feature of the BMW X7 is its air-ride suspension. This technology endows the BMW X7 with an exceptionally smooth ride, even over potholes or other obstacles. But in addition, the X7’s driver can adjust the SUV’s suspension height to better navigate off-road.

Finally, the BMW X7 offers an off-road driver aid: hill descent control. The X7’s driver can set a low speed and, just like cruise control, the SUV controls the accelerator and brake pedal to creep along a trail. This leaves the driver free to focus on steering.

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