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BMW began by making aircraft during World War I. It wasn’t until 1918 that the company began shifting its focus to railway brakes and built motors. The company did not start producing vehicles until around the 1920s through the production of motorcycles with the R32. In 1928, Dixi Automobil Weke was purchased, and the Dixi was produced. By the 1970s, despite financial issues in the 1950s, the company had established itself as a powerhouse within the luxury market with rivals like Mercedes Benz.

Today, BMW continues to be innovative within the realm of luxury cars with excellent performance, aerodynamics, creature comforts, and more. The company offers numerous models, including many SUVs and sedans. It is even beginning to branch out into EVs and hybrids as a shift to more environmentally friendly forms of fuel. These brands are great for families or individuals that enjoy luxurious vehicles while traveling or as an everyday driver. It is also great for those that enjoy all-terrain adventures while enjoying the luxuries of these vehicles.

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X4: This coupe-inspired model takes on the styling of a coupe with efficiency in mind.

2 Series: This is the smallest within the series, but still has great performance.

3 Series: It is slightly larger than the 2 series with a variety of trims.

4 Series: This model is a great option for those that are looking for a smaller luxurious car.

5 Series: It is slightly larger than a 4 series with great luxury options.

7 Series: The 7 Series is known as BMW’s flagship model within the series.

8 Series: This model is the largest of the series with plenty of performance enhancements and creature comforts.

Z4: The Z4 is the definition of a roadster that is geared for performance.

i4: This model is the first electric gran coupe from BMW with a competitive range.


X1: This model is a sportier option that still feels luxurious.

X2: It is an excellent compact BMW that is focused on performance and luxury.

X3: The X3 is an excellent vehicle that delivers power, performance, and all-terrain ability.

X5: Its sleek design is sure to be a head-turner.

X6: A sportier and powerful model with impressive performance.

X7: This model is the largest and most luxurious of the line that BMW makes.

iX: The iX is part of BMW’s EV lineup with many creature comforts and a great range.

Recently Discontinued Vehicles

1 Series: This was a subcompact car that was known as an entry-level BMW.

6 Series: The model was an average size car with plenty of power and creature comforts.

Z3: The Z3 was a two-seater sports car made from 1995 to 2002.

Z8: This model was a short-lived roadster developed in 2000.

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