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It’s an age-old question: Do you get a regular old car that you know you can get parts for or even repair yourself? Or do you ball out on something quirky that will earn you instant respect at the local cars and coffee, but might also cost you a ton. There’s a BMW 1998 MW 323i Touring WAGON for sale on Cars & Bids right now that will give you both.

The key detail is that BMW never sold a E36 wagon in the U.S. This is an imported Euro-spec car. So you’re sure to have the only one in your town. And everyone loves a wagon. They offer nearly the performance of a sports sedan, with a ton more personality. Maybe that’s because there are so few cool ones available in the U.S.

Gray leather interior of an imported BMW 3 series
1998 BMW 323i Touring wagon | Cars & Bids

But this car’s soul is still a RWD, stick shift, BMW compact car. It has the 2.5-liter I6 engine, which is very common in the U.S. And all the other components are identical to U.S.-market sedans. So if you have any problems with this 164k mile BMW, you’re not completely up a creek without a paddle.

Since the car was imported, it has had some modifications. This includes 17-inch OZ Racing wheels, lowered springs, and M3-style body kit, and a ZHP shift knob. It makes about 168 horsepower and 181 lb-ft of torque, which is enough to have some fun in this proper RWD four-door.

Black BMW wagon
1998 BMW 323i Touring wagon | Cars & Bids

I really love the color combo here. The car looks sharp in black, but the “Montana” light leather interior is inviting. Sure, you’re looking at a 100k+ BMW. But if I could pick between this and a similar 3-series sedan, this is the one I’d go with.

It was imported from Italy, then lived in Florida. So let’s hope this 1998 car never saw snow. Service records are available upon request, so that’s a major plus at this mileage.

Next, find out whether an older BMW 3 Series can be reliable, or watch a review of an imported E36 wagon in the video below:

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