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The Porsche 718 Cayman comes as a coupe and cabriolet. This magnificent car has become the flagship of Porsche’s lineup. It is a mid-engined roadster that combines Porsche’s sporty nature and sleek design all in one place. Its low and wide stance makes it aerodynamic, further enhancing its driving dynamics.

This car is a true performance car designed to have premium handling, agile driving dynamics, and a sleek design. There is also a generous amount of storage space within the car with two luggage compartments due to the mid-engine design. There is plenty of room for the passenger and driver as well.

It is a great option for those that appreciate luxury, style, and power all rolled into one. The experience of driving is accentuated by its creature comforts and sleek design elements. It is made for those who enjoy traveling and the journey just as much as the destination.

About Porsche

  • 2022  (Starting MSRP: $60,500)
  • Pro: The model is stylish, luxurious, with great driving dynamics.
  • Con: It is just a 2-seater. While it is roomy for the driver and passenger, there is not much room for anyone else.
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