Can You Daily Drive a Porsche Cayman

The Cayman is a popular sports car offered by Porsche, and it is well-loved among the car community. The iconic Cayman styling that has been affectionately updated along the generations has brought Porsche into the newest years with grace and maintained enough of the classical styling we’ve come to know and love from Porsche that we can still appreciate older models.

If you’re looking to buy a new car to daily drive, but want something more stylish and fun to drive than an equally reliable Honda S2000 the Porsche Cayman might be just what you’re looking for.

2020 Porsche Cayman | Porsche
2020 Porsche Cayman | Porsche

Driving and comfort

The Porsche Cayman has the comfort and reliability you want out of a daily driver. This is a sports car after all, so it isn’t an option if your daily routine requires carrying additional passengers, but the two seats it does have are plush and comfortable. The Cayman comes with options for lush leather or Alcantara seats depending on how they are specced. The seats are wide enough for most people to rest in them comfortably and snug enough to keep you in place if you decide to take a corner a little harder than necessary – which you can because it’s a Porsche Cayman. There is enough room for most taller drivers to sit comfortably and work the clutch in the manual options.

The Cayman is also relatively easy to get in and out of for most people. While they do sit pretty low to the ground, a person of average height or maybe even on the tall side won’t find themselves having to crawl awkwardly out of the car when they make it to the office in the morning.

Is the Cayman practical?

The Cayman is not a practical car if you are looking for a vehicle that will carry building supplies, golf bags, or more than one additional passenger. Other than that, the Cayman is surprisingly practical. The trunk offers enough space for grocery shopping, briefcases, or most other things you are likely to want to travel with in your sports car.

The Cayman is also relatively safe to drive in most climates, which might not be something you need to worry about if you don’t live in a state that gets a lot of snow every year. The stiffer, sporty suspension of the Cayman makes it a lot bumper to drive than some high-end luxury cars but it isn’t so uncomfortable that you’re going to be irritated. Because the Cayman sits so low to the ground, you probably don’t want to drive it around after a blizzard, but if you care about rust you won’t be driving your nice Porsche sports car in the snow regardless.

The Porsche Cayman is comfortable and practical enough to make a great daily driver. They are known for being relatively reliable, age well, and can make your mundane drive to work a real adventure each and every day.