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If you’ve been following the news you’re aware of the terrible rains blanketing Europe. Germany got hard hit, and that means anything outside was subject to up to a few feet of water. We know what that does to cars, and specifically to these flooded Porsche examples. 

No one at the flooded Porsche dealership was harmed

flooded Porsches at German dealership
Flooded Porsches at German dealership | YouTube

This is the Porsche Centre Heilbronn dealership. The video has been posted by TikTock poster Alain Feld and widely on many Porsche forums. Though the death toll continues to rise no one connected with this dealership was in harm’s way as they all fled before water levels got too crazy.

Estimates of 20-inch water levels do not bode well for these new and used Porsches. You can pick out a 911 Turbo, 911 Carrera 4S Cabriolet, and another 911 coupe. They’re all sitting in the drink, way past the bottom doorline. That means trouble for these three cars. 

Even the flooded Porsche Macans and Cayenne probably sustained damage

Two other Porsches worth noting are a Macan and two Cayenne coupes. With higher suspensions, these didn’t escape water damage. Along with the 911s, these SUVs may not be able to be sold. With so many electronics cars today have water damage usually does them in.

With the water level being as high as it appears in the video, whatever is behind those service bay doors may not have escaped the inevitable damage. In almost all cases those doors seal at the bottom but are never watertight. The fogged-up windows are an indication there is standing water in there. 

Hopefully, those bays are empty. But with these $170,000+ Porsche outside, the real expensive stuff might have been put inside for security. Not to be a Debbie Downer, but the floors of that space are at the same level as the outside parking. Let’s hope they are empty.

Could these new Porsches be returned to the factory for refurbishment?

flooded Porsches at German dealership
Flooded Porsches at German dealership | YouTube

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The white stickers on the cars mean they were probably just shipped in from Stuttgart. Since they’re so new they might be able to be taken back to the factory and torn down, damage replaced, and sold. However, there may be laws preventing the resale-even with the factory making the repairs. 

Let’s hope that the worst of the devastation is behind them and that these new Porsches will ultimately ply the Autobahn shiny and fresh. Otherwise, those coupes would make the perfect start to become race cars.