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Ferrari F8 Spider: 7 Cool Facts

There is a newly announced Ferrari catching many drivers’ eyes, the F8 Spider. But where does it fit in the Ferrari lineup? To save you time, we sorted through the official information released about F8 Spider and have highlighted the seven most interesting and impressive facts below. Convertible F8 Tributo The F8 Spider is the …

2020 Ferrari 812 GTS
Tips, Tricks & Trends

Ferrari 812 GTS: Seven Cool Facts

Ferrari just announced the 812 GTS, and just like the 812 Superfast it’s based on, the 812 GTS combines incredible power with a beautiful design. And to save you time, we’ve sifted through all the official information to highlight the seven most important things you need to know. 1.  First of its kind since the …


Ferrari F8 Tributo: Everything You Need to Know

Based off of the Pininfarina design architecture of the 2009 458 Italia, the upcoming Ferrari F8 Tributo is its tribute to the V8, which means a tribute to the 1973 Dino GT4. With the most recent GTB having been produced for four years, Ferrari deemed it necessary to do another iteration. The Tributo’s V8 power …

Red 2004 Ferrari Enzo parked in front of a castle

This Ferrari Engine Costs a Shocking $800,000

A certain item being sold online is popular enough if it gets a number of hourly views. But it’s been listed for over two years, and its price has nearly tripled since then. If this listing was just for the original hubcaps from Grampa’s old Ford Skyliner, we would just shrug and move on. But this eBay …