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Car memes are alive and well on the internet, and they tend to operate without pulling their punches. Check out a few of our picks for some of the best car memes out there right now. However, we managed to do so without making a “Ford Mustang eats crowds” joke. You’re welcome. 

With a new year around the corner, the notoriously heavy Dodge Challenger might be scared about driving off the road into the weeds. However, there’s an added layer of truth to this car meme: the Challenger is heading out of production before the 2024 model year. The best car memes are educational, too. Apparently.

Our own Henry Cesari is a bit of a meme-smith, and his hot take on rooftop tents is simply one of the best car memes out there.

Uh-oh. The bumping, thumping bass comes to an end, but the noises keep coming. Hope you didn’t spend too much on that subwoofer.

In another hot take, Henry Cesari points out that the high-dollar Ferrari Purosangue bears a profile resemblance to the Mazda MX-30. There you have it. Want a Ferrari lookalike for $366,565 less than the Modena super SUV? Check out the MX-30.

Yet another example of the internet calling out what it considers to be automotive ugly, the Toyota Crown gets a serving of shade. In this meme, the high-riding replacement for the Toyota Avalon shows off its maw alongside a catfish. Of course, there’s already a Camaro with that claim to fame.

The Tesla Cybertruck gets a lot of guff for its low-resolution aesthetic. However, you might not be able to un-see its odd design similarities to the dreadful Pontiac Aztek.

Of course, we couldn’t omit the Ford Mustang entirely. It’s the Ford Mustang, after all.

A car meme makes fun of the Ford Mustang's remote rev feature.
Remote Rev is hilariously pointless | MotorBiscuit, Ford

It’s true, the new 2024 Ford Mustang GT boasts a new feature called “Remote Rev.” It’s just how it sounds– owners can rev their 5.0L Coyote V8s from a distance. While we don’t agree with the tired hate critics bestow on the pony car, we can’t let Remote Rev off the hook. Congratulations, now you’re wirelessly irritating. 

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