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Michael B. Jordan is renowned for his roles in action movies. However, in one of his latest action-packed videos, the actor may have learned some respect for the savage power of his Ferrari 812 Superfast. A dashcam caught his Ferrari making some violent contact with another car. 

Michael B. Jordan allegedly crashed his Ferrari 812 Superfast in Los Angeles while racing another Ferrari

Michael B. Jordan’s blue Ferrari 812 Superfast had an unfortunate meeting with a parked SUV in Los Angeles on December 2. The crash caused significant damage to the Italian Grand Tourer (GT). Fortunately, the Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD) said there was “no evidence of a DUI,” per the New York Post.

Any 812 Superfast crash is quite the spectacle, let alone with a mega-famous actor at the wheel. However, at the time of the crash, Jordan seemed to be driving spiritedly alongside another Ferrari: a bright red 488. Tragically, the two Modena performance cars didn’t get to play on the streets of LA long before the violent impact. 

The video shows the Ferrari slamming into a parked car

A gray Ferrari 812 Superfast, like Michael B. Jordan's, takes a corner.
Ferrari 812 Superfast | Brandon Woyshnis via iStock

Just five seconds into the short video, the action star side-swipes a street-side Kia Niro. Both vehicles sustained obvious damage and left a trail of parts and wreckage on the street. The impact ripped the Ferrari’s gold wheel from its place and sent it rolling toward the sidewalk. The video shows Jordan driving a bit further before slowing the wounded Ferrari to a stop. 

It’s a shame, too. While authorities haven’t released any reports of injuries, Michael B. Jordan is down one wonderful expression of passionate engineering. The Ferrari 812 Superfast is, without a doubt, one of the last front-engine, V12-powered GT cars in the industry. Anytime one of the orchestral Ferraris bites the dust, it’s a sad day.


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