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Taylor Swift is a singer/songwriter sensation with seemingly unstoppable momentum. With that kind of juice, a celeb could amass quite a collection of cars. Swift is no different; she has a Porsche 911 Turbo, an Audi R8, and a bright-pink Chevrolet Silverado. However, the undisputed king of the collection has to be her Ferrari 458 Italia.

What kind of car does Taylor Swift drive?

A Ferrari 458 like the one in Taylor Swift's collection sits on a London street.
Ferrari 458 | Toby Parsons via iStock Photos

Taylor Swift has at least nine vehicles in her collection. However, her finest ride has to be her Ferrari 458 Italia. While her Porsche 911 Turbo and Audi R8 are shining examples of performance cars, the 458 is a much more exclusive affair. In comparison, the sterile German cars lack the presence– and soundtrack– of the Ferrari.  

Therein lies why Taylor Swift would want one in her collection. The Ferrari 458 Italia is one of the prettiest cars the marque has made since the F355 and 360 Modena Challenge Stradale. Furthermore, the 458’s 9,000-rpm redline produces a song worthy of any popstar’s favorite playlist. 

It’s understandable why General Motors (GM) and Corvette engineers would use the 458 Italia as a blueprint for the C8 Chevrolet Corvette Z06. Like the 458, the Z06 has a high-revving flat-plane V8 engine and mid-engine architecture. What’s more, Chevrolet engineers famously acquired a 458 in the development of the latest range-topping ‘Vette. High praise indeed.

How much is Taylor Swift’s Ferrari 458 Italia worth?

Taylor Swift keeps a high-dollar collection in her garage. Despite its pricey stablemates, the Ferrari 458 Italia is still the most expensive ride in her reserve. Specifically, a Ferrari 458 Italia has an average sales value of around $274,835, per

Still, even with an eye-watering price tag, the 458 is quite simply one of the best Ferraris of modern times. Understandably, Swift added the sweet Maranello supercar to headline her collection.  


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