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The vast majority of Ferraris spend most of their time in a garage. That’s especially true with legendary and extremely valuable models like the F40. However, some folks aren’t afraid to use their cars for what they’re designed for. You’re supposed to drive them! To many automotive enthusiasts, though, the owner of this Ferrari F40, in particular, takes things a bit too far. Personally, I think it’s amazing.

The legend of the matte green Ferrari F40

Some years ago, photos surfaced of a matte green Ferrari F40. The poster of the photos claimed that the car was regularly street-parked as if it were nothing more than a Honda Civic. We’re already off to a rough start for the Ferrari purists! If you aren’t familiar, the only factory color option for the F40 was red, and folks don’t love it when you change their color. Of course, leaving it out on the street is a big no-no, too.

Perhaps the best part about those photos, though, is the fact that they seem to show a duct tape repair on the bumper. According to a Jalopnik article from 2019, that duct tape is there because a Toyota Yaris backed into it. Furthermore, if you look inside, it appears to have a set of wheels and tires sitting in the passenger seat. Awesome.

Exclusive Car Registry reports that the car is located in Connecticut. However, the Spencer Berke YouTube video above shows it at Monterey Car Week in California. In my head, the owner drove it all the way from the East Coast to California. Just like that, a cross-country Ferrari F40 road trip is now on my bucket list.

How much does a Ferrari F40 cost?

Matte Green Ferrari F40 spotted at Monterey Car Week in 2014 is also the street parked car with duct tape on the bumper in Connecticut
Matte Green Ferrari F40 | Spencer Burke, YouTube

A $1.5 Million Ferrari F40 With No Insurance Totaled On Final Drive Before It Sold

It’s worth revisiting that Ferrari only produced around 1,300 F40s. With the Hagerty valuation for one in good condition currently sitting at $2,550,000, this F40 owner certainly stands out. Most of them are undoubtedly tucked away and likely only brought out for special occasions.

Truth be told, though, there’s no way for us to know if that is what became of this F40, too. There are a very limited number of videos showing this car, and the newest one is about seven years old at this point. Jalopnik published the article about the car in 2019, but there’s not much info about it since then.

Fingers crossed, the owner of this car is still street-parking it and driving it like it’s just another car. After all, it is exactly that. It’s a car. No matter its heritage, value, or any other factor, it should be driven!