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If you own a Ferrari and are not careful, the Maranello, Italy, automaker will sue you. It is a unique aspect of Ferrari ownership laying under the flash and prestige of the brand. And these Ferrari lawsuits take many forms to the extent that there should be a playbook of dos and don’ts. We’ll explain and enlighten you on the perils of owning a Ferrari.

“Don’t Bieber your Ferrari” is a well-known saying among owners. It has to do with dishonoring the brand as singer Justin Bieber did. At least, according to Ferrari. He dared to add his personal touches with aftermarket modifications and a blue wrap Ferrari deemed unacceptable. The company did not sue him, but he can no longer purchase a new Ferrari. 

What are some ways Ferrari will sue you?

Michael Andretti hawking wine with Ferrari prop
Mario Andretti with Ferrari prop | Paul Harris via Getty

Then there is the case of Swiss fashion designer Philipp Plein. He was sued. That’s because he “unlawfully appropriated the goodwill” of Ferrari by using his car to promote his brand. This Ferrari lawsuit cost him $352,000 in compensation for, among other things, using his Ferrari as a prop for one of his shows.

A Canadian DJ chose to psychedelicize his Ferrari 458 Spider with a wild wrap. Besides the psychedelic design, his “Deadmau5” logo was prominent around the car. Dubbed the “Purrari,” Ferrari took little time to contact the owner. The company said a lawsuit was imminent if he did not remove the wrap, according to Trademarkology. The wrap was soon gone, and he sold the car soon after. 

Why are pink Ferraris not allowed?

With the Barbie movie inspiring the use of the color pink, it’s worth mentioning that Enzo Ferrari himself said his company would paint his cars any color a customer wanted except pink. Or it’s rose or salmon variants. Doing so will immediately get you on Ferrari’s blacklist, keeping you from further purchases of his sports cars. 

You also can’t cover any of the Ferrari badges, nor can you modify the engine or body in any way. And for new Ferrari owners, local authorized Ferrari dealers must be your only maintenance source. Crossing the line for any of these no-nos lands you on its blacklist or maybe another Ferrari lawsuit. No more new Ferraris for you.

Dirty pink Ferrari Testarossa with other dirty sports cars
Dirty pink Ferrari Testarossa | AHMAD AL-RUBAYE-AFP via Getty

What does it take to get on the Ferrari VIP list?

Your net worth or celebrity status is of little importance to the company. Ferrari can and does choose who can be on waiting lists for limited-edition cars. It has never given an explanation, even under the threat of a lawsuit. One customer who thought himself worthy of placement on the list threatened legal action to find out why he was not on the LaFerrari Aperta VIP list. Ferrari never budged.

Loyalty to the brand is the prerequisite for the prestigious VIP wait lists. A minimum ownership of at least four Ferraris is a good start. It is said that you won’t know if you’re in line for a special edition Ferrari until the automaker calls you to tell you your new Ferrari is ready. It’s just one more layer of mystery.


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