No Matter What You Have You Can’t Buy A New Ferrari

One of the most astounding things about owning a Ferrari is not the car itself but rather the process of purchasing one. If you think someone just walks into a Ferrari dealership and purchases his or her new Ferrari, you are wrong. You can’t just buy a new Ferrari, no matter what you have. Money, power, fame, nor good looks matter. So here are some of the hoops you must jump through on your quest to buy a new Ferrari.

Many of these parameters are never spoken about but exist nonetheless. First, the dealer looks for someone over 40. Ferrari wants those seen in its cars to have the look of stability and something to lose. Those above 40 most likely fit that category. 

Once you buy your new Ferrari you can’t turn around and sell it

2009 Ferrari F430 Spyder with owner | Getty

You cannot sell your new Ferrari in the first year of ownership-it’s in the fine print of the contract you sign. This is to discourage flippers. Especially, when it comes to limited-edition models, the owner could reap a lot of profit flipping a low mileage, first-year Ferrari. Also, Ferrari wants the option of taking back the car, should you need to sell it.

There has been a feud between Ferrari and Lamborghini for decades and it rages on. If you want on a VIP list for a limited-edition Ferrari, and you also own a Lambo, you can forget about it. Even if you have other Ferraris, it doesn’t want to co-mingle with the bull.

Modifying the engine or appearance of a new Ferrari is also forbidden

Ferrari no-no | Getty

You can’t modify the engine, have custom bodywork, get it painted in garish colors, or cover the Ferrari badge. The colors pink, rose, and salmon are strictly forbidden. Any of the above are considered “tampering” with the car.

Additionally, all maintenance work must be performed by an authorized Ferrari dealer. If not, the warranty is voided, and you are placed on a list of those forbidden from purchasing a new Ferrari in the future.

Attending exclusive Ferrari functions with your car is mandatory

HONG KONG, CHINA: Lines of Ferrari sports cars are displayed outside the Sha Tin racecourse in Hong Kong, 29 February 2004. Some 125 Ferrari cars were brought there by their owners for a place in the Guinness World Book of Records for the most Ferrari cars together at one location and to help raise money for a local charity. AFP PHOTO/Samantha SIN (Photo credit should read SAMANTHA SIN/AFP via Getty Images)

If you own a Ferrari, you will be invited to exclusive Ferrari functions and events. You’re expected to attend these gatherings to soak in everything Ferrari. The expectation is to drink the Ferrari Kool-Aid at these functions, too. To get on a waiting list for a limited-edition Ferrari, you must own at least four other Ferraris. 

The Ferrari blacklist is real, and one way to get on it is to badmouth the brand as 50 Cent did recently. He’s now on it. Ferrari also expects you to be toned down and not flashy. A cease and desist will land in your hands should you cross certain lines. Speaking out online or calling attention to yourself-especially while driving in your Ferrari, will result in being blacklisted.

This was no more apparent than with David Lee. The LA Times wrote an article in 2017 about his negotiations with the local Los Angeles Ferrari dealer. He wanted to purchase the hybrid Ferrari LaFerrari Aperta. Once Ferrari became aware of the Times article, it cut off negotiations. Negotiations to buy its product. Lee is a real estate magnate who owns Hing Wa Lee Group. He also owns over 12 Ferraris. $2.2 Million for his latest Ferrari obsession was not a matter of affordability.

Ferrari uses the waiting list as a reward for Ferrari loyalty

Ferrari would rather not see you do this | Getty

Robert Herjavec is a rabid Ferrari collector. He says getting on a list for a new limited-edition model is impossible. In an interview in Wired, he said, “People assume it’s a financial decision; whoever has more money gets on. The reality is that they use it as a reward for people who are loyal to the brand.” 

So how does one know if he or she is actually getting on a list for a limited-edition Ferrari? “The funny thing is you never really know if you’re getting one until you’re getting one,” says Herjavec. “This is where the Ferrari world is kind of like the Vatican. It’s very mysterious. There are a lot of trinkets you have to wear and rings you have to kiss.”