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Seeing a Ferrari F40 or F50 is an extremely rare occasion. Considering Ferrari only built around 1,300 F40 examples and only 349 F50 examples, you should be more than excited to see one in the flesh. However, seeing them together in the same spot is an almost unheard-of situation unless you’re at some sort of Ferrari event or museum.

However, there is one place you can see them both on any given day. That’s because the Marconi Automotive Museum, a small but potent collection of cars quietly hidden away in industrial Tustin, California, has one of each for your viewing pleasure. It doesn’t stop there, either. They’ve got a virtually endless collection of some extremely rare cars.

In fact, the Marconi Automotive Museum even has a couple of incredible supercar entrants from the Sultan of Brunei’s billion-dollar car collection. This includes some one-of-one Ferrari examples, a one-off custom Pininfarina car, and a twin-turbocharged V16 mid-engine hypercar you’ve never heard of. We’ll likely never know how they managed to get cars from the Sultan of Brunei, but they did, regardless!

Check out all the amazing vehicles in the Marconi Museum in the above-linked MotorBiscuit video. While you’re there, be sure to subscribe to keep up with all of our future automotive releases!


The Marconi Museum Has a Multi-Million-Dollar Crazy Car Collection