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America is home to many of the world’s largest *fill in the blank*. However, when it comes to car collections, we are not the home of the largest. The largest car collection in the world comes from a much smaller, more often overlooked country, Brunei. The Sultan of Brunei has the biggest car collection in the world, and it is way bigger than you think. 

The Sultan of Brunei has an estimated 7,000 cars

Unfortunately, unless you are buds with the Sultan, you probably won’t ever get a tour of the largest car collection on Earth. 

Brunei is a small yet wealthy, oil-rich country on the north coast of the island of Borneo in Southeast Asia. While royalty buying tons of cars isn’t all that uncommon, Hassanal Bolkiah’s collection is noteworthy not only becuase of the number of cars but its estimated $5 billion value. You don’t get a car collection this valuable by buying 7,000 Toyota Camrys

What is in the biggest car collection in the world? 

This red Ferrari Mythos concept car is a part of the biggest car collection in the world belonging to the sultan of Brunei
Ferrari Mythos concept car | Youtube via TheRichest

Being royalty, the Sultan of Brunei and his crew are often driven by others instead of driving themselves. In situations like this, there are only two options (at least without splitting hairs), Bentley and Rolls-Royce. The rumors suggest that the Sultan of Brunei is such a significant collector that he is believed to have kept Rolls and Bentley afloat during the lean years. 

According to SpyScape, about half of all Rolls-Royces and Bentleys sold in the early and mid-1990s went to the Sultan and his family. Of these numerous, already pricey rides, many of these cars were bespoke, adding unknown sums to the cost of his illustrious orders. 

One of the notable models in his collection is a set of six Bentley Dominators, the first Bentley SUV that preceded the Bentley Bentayga by 20 years. Like many other cars in the Sultan’s collection, the Dominator was a secret project that only leaked because photographers managed to grab some spy shots. 

There is also something called a Bentley Buccaneer from 1996, along with a Bentley Camelot, Phoenix, Imperial, Rapier, Pegasus, Silverstone, and Spectre. Before you think I’m making stuff up, it’s ok if you’ve never heard of these because they don’t exist. Each one of these were bespoke models that Bentley doesn’t officially make. The family is estimated to own 380 Bentleys. 

Wait till you see how many Rolls-Royces are in his collection

The sultan of Brunei getting into a Rolls-Royce
The Sultan of Brunei getting into a Rolls-Royce | Paolo KOCH/Gamma-Rapho via Getty Images

The biggest car collection in the world has 600 Rolls-Royces. Have you ever heard of a Rolls-Royce Royale, Majestic, and Cloudesque? No? Well, again, your pride can remain intact. These models are secret, bespoke limousines that don’t technically exist in Rolls-Royce’s lineup. Although these cars remain elusive and secretive, one of the more famous is the Sultan’s Silver Spur II driven on his wedding day. While the model isn’t all that special, the Sultan’s Silver Spur II wears a coat of 24-karat gold. 

The Sultan of Brunei and his family like to go fast too

Hassanal (the Sultan) isn’t the only royal family member that loves cars. His brother, Prince Jefri, commissioned six Ferrari station wagons known as the 456 GT Venice. Other noteworthy Ferraris in the collection include an F90, the 1995 FX (the Sultan ordered six), two 250 GTOs, and an F40. 

There are more, many, many more. Too many to list, in fact. The biggest car collection in the world is excessive and opulent enough to make stomachs turn. Still, the sheer size, value, and beauty of the collection forces any car lover to take a breath before turning away from this veritable sea of luxury. 


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