The white 2020 Lamborghini SC20
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The Roofless Lamborghini SC20 Is Road-Legal…ish

While convertibles aren’t inherently less safe than conventional cars, cutting the roof off a hypercar usually comes with some drawbacks. Recently, though, some manufacturers have released limited-production cars that aren’t just convertibles but lack a roof entirely. There’s the Aston Martin V12 Speedster, for example, as well as the Ferrari Mona and McLaren Elva. And …

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Halloween Car Horror: Wrecked Exotics

MotorBiscuit wants to celebrate Halloween 2020. And the most devilish way is to give you a Halloween Car Horror. What’s the most horrible sight to car enthusiasts? Why wrecked exotics, of course. So we’ve got a ton of them for you. These wrecked Ferraris, Lambos, and more will haunt you. The only thing good about …

Lamborghini Urus
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These Are the 6 Fastest 2021 SUVs

Switching from a sports car to a family SUV doesn’t necessarily mean you have to give up speed. To showcase this, we’re looking at some of the fastest family SUVs currently available for sale. Motor1 recently published a comprehensive of over 20 fastest SUVs, and today we’re listing off the top six. The fastest of …

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Bugatti and Lamborghini On The Chopping Block

The Volkswagen Group owns both Bugatti and Lamborghini. With VW’s pivot towards electrification and autonomous driving, it is taking a hard look at all of its assets. For a number of reasons, it is looking more likely that one way or another VW will carve off both Bugatti and Lamborghini. We have a bit more …

A Lamborghini is hidden under a cover on the grounds of the fair
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What is This Mysterious Lamborghini?

Why are all the fancy European carmakers building these track-day cars? Track cars are purpose-built for aggressive track driving. These cars are often not road-legal and sometimes kept by the manufacturer and not the owner. Most of the major marques like McLaren, Ferrari, Aston Martin, and Mercedes have all done it. Now Lamborghini is joining …

Lamborghini Aventador driving through the forest
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10,000 Cars Produced in 9 Years: Is It Really Worth Buying a Lamborghini Aventador?

Drivers who enjoy luxurious and flashy things enjoy Lamborghinis. Lamborghini’s come with an image and brand that their drivers love. The Italian models embody a sports car’s speed while providing drivers with a classy and fun appearance. Over the years, the company has released countless models that have impressed drivers all over the world.  The Lamborghini Aventador is …

A gray 2020 Audi RS Q8
Crossover & Midsize

Is the 2020 Audi RS Q8 a Bargain Lamborghini Urus?

While the Urus is a ridiculously fast car, Lamborghini’s crossover/SUV has been critiqued for its origins. Under the skin, the Lamborghini Urus shares a lot with the Audi Q8 and SQ8. And now, the German marque is bringing its largest crossover/SUV even closer to the Italian bull with the Audi RS Q8. But is it …

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You Can Buy a Lamborghini….Tractor?

Have you ever found yourself wishing you had a reason to buy a Lamborghini? Sure, if you live in a big city, it makes sense, but living in the country isn’t always the most conducive to driving an exotic sports car. If you frequent auction sites like Bring a Trailer, you may have stumbled across …

The Cervelo R5 Lamborghini Edition bicycle in motion
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Lamborghini Goes Too Old-School, Unveils Bicycle

Lamborghini is a brand known for performance cars. But, did you know that the company is also involved in other projects? The automaker has also been involved with tractors and boats. It does not end there. For something a little more affordable, Lamborghini has also ventured into bicycles. Oddly though, the bicycles are old school …

Red 2004 Ferrari Enzo parked in front of a castle
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How to Finance an Exotic Car

Whether you’re into cars or not, chances are that you’ve dreamt of one day owning an exotic car. After all, that yellow Ferrari that you have been staring at on your computer desktop would sure look better in your garage, but it’s too bad you can’t afford it. But what if you could? What if …

A red Ferrari California T sits on display at a car show
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The World’s Fastest Production Cars Right Now Are…

I covered before how the curved lines of a 1963 Chevrolet Corvette Sting Ray split-window coupe got a hold of me. That gripping moment is what started my interest in the automotive industry. After that, I started learning about performance cars, horsepower figures, cornering abilities of sportscars versus sedans, and the importance of aerodynamics in …

The camo-wrapped R35 Nissan GT-R modified by Classic Youngtimers Consultancy parked in a quarry
Sedans & Coupes

Youngtimers Modifies Supercars to Hit the Dirt

Typically, supercars like the Nissan GT-R don’t find themselves going off-road. True, some supercars, like the Audi R8 and Aston Martin V8 Vantage can be daily-drivable. But that’s on the pavement. However, as the Gambler 500 Miata, rallying Porsche 924, and numerous Safari 911s show, taking a sports car into the dirt is definitely possible. …

turquoise Lamborghini Sian on the highway front 3/4 view
Hybrids & Electrics

Lamborghini Hybrid Sián Roadster: 819 HP Open-Air Excess

Over the top styling, hyper-fast, super rare; what’s missing that Lamborghini forgot to include with the Sián supercar? How about a convertible version? When Motorbiscuit last visited what many feel is the ultimate supercar it debuted in October as a radically-styled, 819 hp coupe. Only 63 will be produced. Now it has revealed a convertible …

A head-on view of the red Ares Panther.
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Ferrari Loses Trademark Case to Builder in Own Town

Ferrari is very protective of its brand. Most manufacturers are. So, when a company in the same town the manufacturer is based out of, Modena, started offering rebodied Ferrari models as their own, things got legal very quickly. Ferrari launched a court case to have the offending company stop its production. Interestingly, Ferrari just lost …

Blue Tecnomar by Lamborghini 63 yacht cutting through the water in front of a city
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The 4000-Hp Tecnomar Is the Lamborghini of Yachts

Carmakers, especially higher-end ones, sometimes create projects outside of the automotive field. For example, the founder of the electric supercar company Rimac also designs electric mountain bikes. Lamborghini, though, is going a bit bigger with its newest project. Like Mercedes-Benz before it, the Italian company is helping to make an ultra-exclusive 4000-hp yacht. The Tecnomar …

White 2009 Lamborghini Gallardo LP560-4 on a mountain road overlooking a bright-lit city at night
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Is the Lamborghini Gallardo Just a Less-Reliable V10 Audi R8?

Some supercars, even Ferraris, can be reliable with a little care. The Lamborghini Gallardo, though, isn’t usually included in such a list. That’s despite the fact that it shares a platform and powertrain with the first-gen Audi R8. Which admittedly, isn’t necessarily that good of a daily driver. But does that mean the Lamborghini Gallardo …

Two Bugatti clones parked together from Shandong Fengde China
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The $5000 Bugatti Chiron: You Can Afford This!

Have you been wanting a Bugatti forever but the price keeps it a dream? If your funds are low but your aim is high your dreams have now been answered. Behold the $5,000 Bugatti. Now you can finally afford a Bug. This features that classic, highly prized Bugatti horseshoe grille This is the Shandong Fengde …

lamborghini estoque

Lamborghini Made A Four-Door Sedan Concept No One Ever Heard About

Last week Lamborghini released a new model that no one was expecting. There was a lot of speculation surrounding the release, including the introduction of a plug-in hybrid model or maybe even a fully electric model to compete with cars like the new Aston Martin Rapide E. There was even speculation that the exotic manufacturer …

Lamborghini Huracan EVO Spyder

Lamborghini Launched A Boring New Model Today

Today the exotic car automaker, Lamborghini, launched a new model. But, it is almost like they have run out of ideas since the launch of their Urus SUV. Nothing really new has been coming out lately. Today was no exception. The reveal was just another version of an already existing vehicle. I’m not usually critical …

Lamborghini Urus
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5 Year Old Steals Car to Drive To Lamborghini Dealer

There is no age restriction for becoming an automotive enthusiast. Heck, professional racecar drivers often start their race careers in go-karts when they are still single-digits years old. Now imagine being an automotive enthusiast that is five-years-old and being told by your mother that she won’t buy you a Lamborghini. One child decided to make Lamborghini ownership happen on …

Toyota Rav4 into a Lamborghini Urus | Albermo.jpg
Trucks & SUVs

How To Turn A Toyota Rav4 Into A Lamborghini Urus

You say you have a Toyota Rav4 but what you really want is a Lamborghini Urus SUV? Wouldn’t we all. But now you can actually fulfill that dream and make it a reality. It is from one of those Japanese aftermarket companies that turn a Kei van into a VW Microbus. Their latest fiberglass conversion …

Lamborghini Miura At Concours D'Elegance

The Lamborghini Miura Is A Rare Sight

It isn’t very often that people find themselves complaining about getting to see a Lamborghini, no matter how common they are in your area. There is just something striking up the design, the sound, and the overall presence that Lamborghini has to offer that makes it stand out, but some of the cars are becoming …

Lamborghini Huracan EVO Spyder
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Lamborghini to Reveal New Model Thursday

Lamborghini is a favorite brand for those that follow Italian exotic car makers. The manufacturer produces a lot of the beautiful, carefully crafted sheet metal out the Sant’ Agata area in Northern Italy. In fact, some might say that the automaker puts out drool-worthy, and powerful, exclusive automobiles. So, whenever there is news that Lamborghini is planning on announcing something, …

Carbon fiber wheels
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Why Do so Many Expensive Cars Use Carbon Fiber?

For building cars, metal is usually the go-to. The Tesla Cybertruck’s body is stainless steel, for instance. It’s strong but heavy. Aluminum is the metal of choice for cutting weight, as with Ford’s F-Series trucks, Bollinger’s chassis, and some of Morgan’s upcoming cars. Bugatti, too, once used aluminum body panels. However, some of the most …

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Clever, Cut Porsche Cayman Hides A 1,210 HP LS V8

The Porsche Cayman mid-engine coupe gets no love from Porschephiles. Why this is can be debated, but the bottom line is that they can be picked up for cheap money and flogged to death. They’re a perfect size, mid-engine, and they’re a Porsche. All of that makes them a great platform to cut up and …