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Nick Saban has had a long career as a football coach. However, his most famous work is as the college football coach with the most national titles. He did the majority of this work at none other than The University of Alabama. Saban’s success and legendary status come from the very serious man’s many systems and rules by which he keeps to in a near-religious fashion. And not like a “church-on-Sunday” kind of religious, but with the piety of some monk in Mongolia that no one has ever heard of. So it should come as no surprise that Nick Saban is quite wealthy and owns a Ferrari or that he has a strict rule about when he can drive it. And yes, it’s very specific. 

What car does Nick Saban drive? 

The same model Ferrari that Nick Saban drives, the Ferrari Protofino M Class
Ferrari Portofino M | Ferrari

Alabama’s head coach is well paid for the unparalleled work he has done at the University. But that isn’t all Saban has his hands in. Coaching the greatest football program of the past 100 years is just his day job; he also invests in a number of Mercedes dealerships as well as a Ferrari dealership.

Considering his business dealings, Nick Saban typically drives a Mercedes. One of his Mercs is a Mercedes-AMG GT. Saban also has a 2023 Ferrari Portofino M, and, of course, it’s this car that he has a strange rule about when he can drive it. 

When does Nick Saban drive his Ferrari? 

Saban recently appeared on the Pat McAfee Show, in which he shared many things about his Ferrari. He said that he only drives his Ferrari on Wednesdays, but only if it’s not raining. Picking a random day of the week for Ferrari driving seems strange. Saban doesn’t even disagree. “I don’t know, I’m sure I’m obsessive-compulsive or something, but I only drive the Ferrari on Wednesday if it’s not raining. So, that’s kind of the program,” said Saban. 

Despite the fact that Saban signed a monster contract extension with the University worth nearly $100 million, you’d think he wouldn’t drive his Ferrari like he was borrowing it from his dad

Nick Saban’s Ferrari

If you don’t care about college football greatness, you can fast forward to 20:55.

Alabama HC Nick Saban Flexes Dominance Off-Field By Parking His Ferrari Like a King

The Alabama Head coach’s Ferrari has been a popular topic of discussion recently. The Pat McAfee Show appearance didn’t even get Nick talking about his Ferrari that much, but the fact that it wasn’t football was noteworthy. He mentioned that (even though Saban is a part owner of Prancing Horse of Nashville) he traded in two previously owned unnamed Ferraris to get the Portofino. It is this sort of hyper-practical behavior that keeps Saban winning on Saturdays and, apparently, not putting his Ferrari in a ditch on a rainy day in Title Town.