Dad’s $3.4M Pagani Huayra Got Obliterated by His 17-Year-Old YouTuber Son

Teenagers get into all sorts of trouble. Do you remember when you used to sneak out, break curfew, or smash your dad’s $3.4 million hypercar? Oh man, Highschool, am I right? Well, ok, most of us didn’t have multimillion-dollar hypercars around to total when we were 17-years-old, but this YoutTube person did, and his Dad’s one-of-a-kind Pagani Huayra paid the price. 

A totaled Pagani Huayra is a serious bummer 

If 2020 didn’t suck enough, this kid’s year got a little worse in a fairly unique way. As reported by The Drive, back in the year that shall not be named, 17-year-old YouTube person Gage Gillean was regularly seen flaunting his dad’s fancy cars. The YouTuber’s dad is Tim Gillean, billionaire and private equity founder in Dallas, TX. And, on this fateful day, the Pagani Huayra Roadster was the fancy car he borrowed from his dad to showoff on social media. 

As with most Paganis, this Huayra was a bespoke version, of which only one was made. This one had an exposed, purple-tinted carbon fiber body that should give all the context needed for its $3.4 million price tag. 

So what happened? 

The reports are not conclusive on exactly what caused the accident. Thankfully, the son of the owner who was driving the Pagani and his cameraman both walked away from the crash without serious injury. 

When I say this Pagani was wrecked, I really mean completely and utterly obliterated. The driver’s door and both front wheels laid about the car like lego pieces. The crash was hard enough to set off the airbags and shred most other parts of the car to pieces. The Drive mentions that the initial reports are still inconclusive whether another car was involved in the crash. 

YouTuber destroys dad's purple Pagani Huayra hypercar.
Destroyed Pagani Huayra | The Drive

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The YouTube child had posted multiple videos of him driving the Pagani (before he destroyed it) and him getting pretty loose with the throttle pedal. It wasn’t proven in the initial reporting whether or not speed played a part in the crash. The facts are, a 17-year-old boy who makes videos for the internet crashed his dad’s 750-hp hypercar… You do the math. 

The Pagani didn’t last long

The Drive said that even though the purple Huayra was built in 2018, the family didn’t get the car until June-ish of last year. Since the crash happened in November, the family only had the multimillion-dollar machine for around five months. According to the Drive, the YouTube kid destroyed the Pagani in half the time to build it. To that end, Pagani only makes 30 cars per year. The money aside, wrecking something like that, so precise and precious to make a YouTube video, is quite the bummer. 

What goes into building a Pagani Huayra?

These things are just bolted together bits of milled-out metal slapped together in a factory with a big ol’ engine. Paganis are more art than cars – and I don’t mean that hyperbolically. Paganis are meticulously designed, and each one is made especially for whoever had it commissioned. An AMG-built 6.0-liter powers the Pagani Huayras twin-turbocharged V12 making 754 hp. Everything about, not only the cars but the entire company itself is focused on precision and quality. Destroying one of these cars is closer to destroying a Picasso than it is a Porsche.