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Nick Saban is a rare kind of individual who has managed to become a legend in his own time. If you know college sports, you’ll know this man’s name and the mark he’s left on college football. If you don’t know him, he is the head coach of the University of Alabama football team. And if you don’t know what that is, let’s just say they have won so much that their head coach is able to cheat on his Mercedes deal to buy Ferraris, which Saban parked at the airport like an absolute King. 

Nick Saban left his Ferrari at the airport like a madman or a legend, depending on who you ask

Full disclosure: I went to the University of Alabama (Roll Tide), and I am a fan of the football program there (double RMFT). In most situations, I would be pretty annoyed by the horrendous parking job Nick did at the Tuscaloosa airport. In most cases, I would be making fun of the clear self-importance happening here, but not when it’s Saban. He had somewhere more important to be than you or me. And I’m sure when he got there, he dominated the situation. 

Tommy Brown, the aircraft mechanic for the university, recently shared photos of Saban’s Ferrari parked at the Tuscaloosa National Airport (y’all didn’t know we knew what airplanes were, did y’all?). The photo shows a clearly dominant head coach parking like the guy in charge. The funniest part is that in the photo, you can see that the place isn’t overly crowded. Saban just flexed, or more likely, he didn’t think one thing about it. He just put his car somewhere, which is the hardest flex of all. 

What car does Nick Saban drive?

While many Alabama fans know of Nick Saban’s Mercedes dealership, the photo going around the internet is of Nick Saban’s new 2023 Ferrari Portofino M class. We are used to seeing the Crimson Tide’s head coach drive a Merc, but this Portofino certainly ain’t no Merc. 

Apart from Nick’s Mercedes business dealings, he also recently invested in a Ferrari dealership in TN (ew. I know.) called Prancing Horse of Nashville. To be fair to Nick’s state line crossing, there isn’t a single Ferrari dealer in Alabama, so Nick Saban had to spread out a little. To mark his investment in the Ferrari shop, Nick Saban traded in two Ferraris for the one $227,000 Portofino. 

Rumors swirled that Nick Saban had a collection of Ferraris. On the Pat McAfee show, Saban set the record straight, saying, “Just one,” Saban said, “We had two, but we traded two for one we wanted, which is the way it works with Ferrari.” 

However, points out that on that same show, Saban wanted to make sure that everyone knew where he came from: “I want everybody to know I started in a pickup truck – an orange one …,” he said. “A lot of things that I learned about accountability came from that pickup truck.” And this, dear reader, is everything you need to know about Nick Saban. 

What is the Nick Saban Mercedes van? 

Last note on Saban’s car situation: not only is he an investor in a Ferrari and a Mercedes dealership, but there is also a Nick Saban Signature Series Mercedes Sprinter van. The van is an executive class van designed for telecommuting or board meetings on the run. After you wax the orange dogs of TN, you can hop into the NS signature van and start watching the tape for next week without sparring a moment for celebration or getting soft. This is the perfect van for inflicting the Process on poor, unsuspecting SEC schools while on the move.