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Ferrari is one of the biggest names in the luxury automotive market. Additionally, the Italian automaker has banned quite a few notable celebrities from acquiring any or some of its vehicles. One such example is Kim Kardashian and the rest of her super-wealthy family. This might sound odd, but Ferrari has a reputation to uphold, and one way the company does so is to disallow people it deems to be problematic from owning some of its cars.

Here’s why Kim Kardashian can’t buy herself an exclusive Ferrari despite being a billionaire.

Why can’t Kim Kardashian own an exclusive Ferrari

Kim Kardashian is banned from Ferrari
Photo by Monica Schipper/via Getty Images

Kim Kardashian is, without a doubt, one of the most famous reality TV stars and businesswomen. She could easily afford any Ferrari the company has to offer. However, according to Pop Buzz, she can’t buy exclusive models. Instead, she is only allowed to buy production Ferrari models. Ferrari has banned quite a few people from buying its cars, and they always have a specific reason for the banning.

As for the American Horror Story: Delicate star, it seems the reason is that she and her family have a reputation for not taking the best care of their vehicles. Namely, the family has had Ferrari models in the past, and the company was unpleased with how they looked after them. For Ferrari to retain its stellar reputation, it wants its cars to always appear in the best condition. Unfortunately, the way the Kardashians upkeep their cars goes against that.

There is also a rumor that Kim’s partial ban comes from the fact that a fraudster gifted her a Ferrari as a wedding gift in 2011. However, Kim denies receiving the gift.

Other celebs banned from owning a Ferrari

Justin Bieber has a Ferrari ban
Photo by Jerritt Clark/Getty Images for OBB Media)

Kim Kardashian isn’t the only notable celebrity banned from buying a Ferrari. Justin Bieber is another after he violated a couple of rules the automaker has in place. The singer once owned a 2011 F458 Italia. However, not only did he customize the vehicle in ways the company doesn’t allow, but he also auctioned it off. Owners are not allowed to sell their Ferrari models within one year of ownership. Additionally, they are supposed to let the automaker know of any plans to sell after that year. This gives Ferrari the chance to buy back the sports car in question.

Rapper Tyga is another celebrity on the blacklist. However, the reason for his banning is a bit different than most. The rumor is that Tyga leased a 458 Spider but failed to maintain payments on the luxurious ride. The company repossessed the car and banned him from ownership in the future.

It is necessary to point out that Ferrari’s official stance is that the company does not ban people outright from owning its cars. However, Ferrari does reserve the right to stop people from buying special editions. This would mean that Justin and Tyga could also buy production models, just not anything exclusive.

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