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Ferrari isn’t exactly known for its forgiving and remarkable customer service. In fact, it’s quite the opposite. Nothing quite paints a car company in a bad light like Jay Leno not purchasing one of its cars for its unfavorable purchasing process. In fact, it seems Ferrari is the only company to have the honor. On top of it all, Ferrari recently banned Justin Bieber from purchasing its cars for a remarkably petty reason. Let’s see what other celebrity figures the old prancing horse has put a sales embargo on!

Tyga has a history that Ferrari doesn’t like

Tyga giving Kylie Jenner a Ferrari 458 for her 18th Birthday
Tyga giving Kyle Jenner a Ferrari | Keith Johnson/Bauer-Griffin/GC Images

According to Hotcars, rapper Tyga has a bit of a checkered history with cars. Not just Ferrari, either. Allegedly, he is no stranger to leasing a vehicle and then failing to make the payments, leading to the cars being repossessed.

One of those vehicles happens to be a 2012 Ferrari 458. In terms of things that Ferrari doesn’t like, not paying for a vehicle seems like one of the more fair reasons to stop a person from buying cars. This one seems relatively deserved.

Welcome to the Ferrari blacklist, Tyga!

David Lee is a Ferrari dream come true. Yet…

Ferrari LaFerrari at a Japanese auto show
Ferrari LaFerrari | Courtesy of Wikimedia Commons

David Lee is a multi-millionaire, thanks to his watch and jewelry business involvement. His dream is to be on the VIP shortlist of Ferrari customers who the company offers the opportunity to purchase its limited supercars.

If you aren’t aware, there’s a lot of ridiculous red tape involved with making it onto this list, including owning a collection of pretty much every other rare and expensive Ferrari. Lee does, too. Despite this and his relationship with a Ferrari dealer in southern California, displaying his collection at the Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance, and even visiting the Ferrari factory in Italy, he did not make the shortlist and wasn’t offered the opportunity to buy a LaFerrari.

There is a happy ending to the story, though. Lee managed to get his hands on a LaFerrari when a Shark Tank judge backed out of buying his.

Deadmau5 and his Purrari

When it comes to Ferrari’s petty behavior in terms of people modifying their own cars, the Deadmau5 story is likely the first one that comes to mind.

The EDM artist modified his Ferrari 458 as a tribute to the iconic early 2000s internet meme, Nyan Cat. Deadmau5 had the car wrapped with a giant Nyan Cat livery. While Ferrari likely wasn’t a fan of that in the first place, Deadmau5 really crossed the company’s line when he had custom badges and floormats made. Instead of the iconic Ferrari prancing horse, his 458 instead had pouncing cat badges. Ferrari blacklisted him for this incident. Additionally, they sent him a cease and desist for the parody logos.

After returning the Ferrari to its normal appearance, Deadmau5 did the same modifications to his Lamborghini Purracan. Nice.

Bill Ceno doesn’t care what Ferrari thinks of him

Red Ferrari F355 Berlinetta coupe in England much like the F355 challenge race car wrecked in neighborhood
Ferrari F355 | Martyn Lucy/Getty Images

Bill Ceno is a web designer with a passion for supercars. He even has a collection of some of the rarest of the rare Ferraris out there. Among them are the Ferrari F50 and the Ferrari Enzo.

However, Ceno purchased all of his Ferraris secondhand. So, when he applied to purchase the LaFerrari Aperta, he was denied the opportunity.

If that didn’t sink the final nail in his coffin with Ferrari, Ceno stated that he will continue to buy Ferraris but prefers to buy them second-hand to avoid all of the unnecessary politics with Ferrari dealers.

Chris Harris wrote an article that Ferrari didn’t like

Chris Harris seems like the exact type of person you’d think Ferrari would love to have on its VIP list. He’s an automotive journalist extraordinaire and currently a host of the hit BBC series Top Gear.

However, Harris once wrote an article accusing Ferrari of making its test cars far more refined than its customer cars to get better critical acclaim. Of course, Ferrari blacklisted him because his comments offended the brand’s executives.

As a result, Harris will not likely be receiving a call about the opportunity to purchase a limited edition Ferrari any time soon.

So, ultimately, if you’re a multi-millionaire with a Ferrari collection and you want to make the VIP list, there are some steps you can take. Only ever say good things about Ferrari, for one. Most importantly, though, don’t customize, show off, or do anything fun in your expensive car that you bought and own.


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