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Recently, there’s been a lot of discussion about Ferrari and its tendency to ban people from buying its cars for seemingly petty reasons. Most notably, Ferrari allegedly blacklisted pop icon Justin Bieber from buying its cars after losing his 458 for a few weeks. Who hasn’t lost their Ferrari from time to time, right? Most recently, rumors of Ferrari blacklisting Kim Kardashian have been floating around, too. Furthermore, it seems they have some merit.

Kim K can’t have an FXX-K

Kim Kardashian getting into Gray Ferrari F12 in Hawaii with Kanye West
Kim Kardashian getting into a Ferrari in Hawaii | Bauer-Griffin/GC Images via Getty Images

According to Popbuzz, there’s been so much speculation about who is banned from buying Ferraris that Ferrari actually took the time to respond.

There’s been a multitude of sources claiming that Kim Kardashian is banned from buying Ferraris. However, in the case of Kim K, nobody put out any specific reason for her ban. This differs from the other alleged bans because the majority of the others have reasoning behind them. Whether it be Bieber’s “Dude, Where’s My Car?” moment or Tyga allegedly not paying his lease payments, there was a story that made it seem reasonably believable.

Interestingly enough, a Ferrari representative spoke to the Spanish newspaper Marca to clear the air on the bans. The spokesperson told Marca that there is no blacklist or prohibitions. However, the spokesperson specified a preventative instance wherein celebrities cannot purchase a car.

“Ferrari reserves the right to decide on special editions,” the brand stated to Marca.

This, however, isn’t exactly news. It’s no secret that you have to be in an ultra-exclusive club and play along with a myriad of red tape and politics if you want to own a special edition Ferrari. Things like the LaFerrari, Enzo, F40, and so on.

Ferrari LaFerrari Aperta driving through city scape
The LaFerrari Aperta | Ferrari, Youtube

Special edition Ferrari buyers have to be invited by the company to purchase them and sign a contract stating that they won’t sell the car for a certain time period. Even if you wait until that time period expires and sell it, Ferrari may refuse you the chance to buy another special model.

There’s plenty of reason to believe that celebrities with a negative public showing with Ferraris would struggle to purchase a new brand new one, though.

Ferrari dealers won’t just sell you a car willy nilly

Justin Bieber getting into the driver seat of his matte red Ferrari 458 at West Coast Customs in LA
Justin Bieber and his red Ferrari 458 | Allen Berezovsky/Getty Images

Even buying a standard new Ferrari model requires a bunch of ridiculous pomp and circumstance. There are plenty of rumors of rules and regulations that explain why Ferrari won’t sell you a brand new car. Just having the money won’t cut it.

Allegedly, a Ferrari dealer won’t entertain you as a legitimate potential buyer unless you appear to be over 40 years old for “financial stability” reasons. Additionally, you have to have a good public standing, which is the problem many celebrities may run into.

Ferrari’s profit margins are so monumental that it has no interest in changing its ways. The profit per car of a Ferrari outshines the next in line by miles over ten-fold. So, the company doesn’t have any desire to increase vehicle sales and production. It is far more interested in preserving the exclusivity and upper-crust prestige of the brand.

So, while it’s entertaining to see what celebrities may not qualify to buy a brand new Ferrari, there’s some unfortunate news. You probably don’t either!


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