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Seeing a high mileage Ferrari is an extremely rare occasion. Adding into the mix that it’s a Ferrari Enzo, one of the most expensive, rare, and collectible Ferrari models ever made, makes it even crazier. If that isn’t enough for you, though, this Enzo was once crashed at over 200 miles per hour! Ladies and gentlemen, the MM Ferrari Enzo.

From a 200 MPH crash to breaking a land speed record, this Enzo has seen it all

According to Motor1, a car enthusiast named Richard Losee purchased this Ferrari Enzo in the early 2000s. However, unlike most other Enzo owners, Losee didn’t lock his away and wrap it in bubble wrap so it could appreciate in value. He wanted to drive it. He also wanted to convert it to a T-top roof, so he did.

The Enzo immediately gained its nickname, “The MM Enzo,” as it immediately became the Enzo with the most miles after Losee loaned the car to Road and Track, who put 1,500 miles on it over the course of testing. From there, it was a continuous bombardment of mileage piling on, cementing this Enzo as the highest mileage example in the world.

To further cement this title, Losee again loaned the Enzo to Road and Track for an additional 10,000 miles of use. At that point, the Enzo had accumulated 30,000 miles, which is a virtually unheard of amount of miles for any Ferrari, let alone an Enzo.

Comedian and Actor Eddie Griffin's crashed 2003 Ferrari Enzo on display at Chinese Theatre
Crashed Ferrari Enzo | Michael Tullberg/Getty Images

Unfortunately, in 2006, Losee lost control of the Enzo during a charity event put on by Utah State Highway Patrol. Losee was going 206 miles per hour at the time of the crash when the Enzo got airborne and went off the road. A picture of the devastating damage is seen at the top of a Deseret News article from 2011.

After a year-long recovery, Losee decided that the Enzo would make a triumphant return. After 30 months of rebuilding and contributions from all sorts of people and companies, including Ferrari North America, the Enzo made a triumphant return. With a tiny difference, though. The rebuild brought on the addition of two turbochargers, boosting the Enzo’s output to over 800 horsepower.

Still on the road to this day, collecting miles like few Ferraris ever have

After the rebuild, Losee took the Enzo to the Bonneville Salt Flats for speed week. Instead of shying away from speed after his crash, he decided to embrace it even more. After a grueling day of attempts, Losee broke the C (360 cubic inch) Blown Fuel Modified Sports land speed record. His speed was 237.8 miles per hour.
“It was a great feeling to be able to set that record. It felt like it was something that I needed to do,” Losee told Deseret News.

After the land speed record, the Enzo disappeared for a while. Though, it continued racking up miles.

Now, it’s back. A man known only as “CT” or by his Instagram handle @dryl8k has some sort of agreement with Losee and is taking care of the car. Not only that, he is daily driving it. In a video posted to the Youtube channel Salt City Euros, CT mentions driving it 1,000 miles in one week in 20-degree weather. The t-top doors have no windows. So, one could imagine it was a bit chilly.

Recently, the Enzo just surpassed 90,000 miles. That’s an achievement that most Ferraris will never see.

Ultimately, Losee should be an inspiration for all supercar and hypercar owners. Cars are meant to be driven, not tucked away for future sale. Keep scrolling to see the story of a single-family classic car with over a million miles and several rebuilds!


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