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Like it or not, Rod Steward is one of the coolest people on the planet. From The Faces to his solo career, Stewart embodied all that was a rock and roll lifestyle. He exclusively dated supermodels, drove exotic supercars, and regularly dressed in leopard print. Now, 77-years-old, instead of complaining about his Ferrari getting chewed up by potholes, Rod Stewart picked up a shovel and helped the lads fill the potholes himself. 

Rod Stewart filled potholes in front of his house 

Rod Stewart was recently seen sporting a high-visibility vest and a shovel helping his local road work crew fill some potholes near his home in Essex, England. 

Why would Rod decide to hop out and help? CarScoops mentions that although we never see the Ferarri Stewart is referencing, he has recently been seen in a White Ferrari F8 Tributo. Maybe this is the Ferrari he said could no longer drive down the stretch of road due to the number of potholes. 

“I’m repairing the street where I live because no one can be bothered to do it,” Rod says to the camera. “It’s been like this for ages. People are smashing their cars up, and the other day there was an ambulance with a burst tire. My Ferrari can’t go through here at all; some and the boys thought we’d do it ourselves.”

How many rock stars does it take to fill a pothole? 

I guess just the right one. In the video posted to Instagram, Stewart is standing amid the road work explaining why he and the lads are hard at work in the street. The rocker explains that the nearby M11 highway was currently under construction. If the county refused to take as good of care of the side streets as they did the main road, then they have Rod Stewart to deal with. 

You have to love that even though he isn’t wearing the infamous leopard print blouse from “Do ya think I’m sexy?” he still looks like a rock star, even while manual labor. 

Although the internet is enjoying seeing the rocker shoveling rocks, Essex Count Council, whose responsibility it is to keep the road in good condition, was not nearly as thrilled with Stewart taking matters into his own hands. 

“You can’t take matters into your own hands,” cabinet member Lee Scott told BBC News. “All road repairs have to be done to a professional level, or the person doing it could become liable for any problems or accidents,” he added.

Rod Stewart has a killer car collection

A 3/4 front view of a yellow Lamborghini Miura driving on a road with trees and hills in the background.
Lamborghini Miura | Lamborghini

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One of the first major pieces that kicked off his collection was a Marcos GT he bought back in the 1960s. From there, he bought the legendary Lamborghini Muira next with all that sweet, sweet “Maggie May” money. 

He also got a few more modern Lamborghinis late in his career. CarScoops says Stewart eventually got a Diablo and a Gallardo Spyder. Stewart says one of the few cars he regrets selling was his 2003 Ferrari Enzo. 

Rod Stewart also had a Carrera Turbo in the 1980s. Unfortunately, he was relieved of his hot-shot Porsche by an armed robber in LA. Regardless of the many cars that have come and gone, Rod Stewart’s pothole stunt hopefully will save some other folks from losing their cars to the potholes. And, with all the pain and suffering happening in the world these days, we can at least rest knowing that Rod Stewart can drive his Ferrari on this one road again.