Destroyed $3 Million Ferrari Enzo Is a Famous Comedian’s Bizzare Viral Hit

Out of the 400 Ferrari Enzo models produced, most live in secluded collections around the world. However, one of these ultra-rare Ferrari models faced an early death at the hands of a famous comedian.

According to CBS News, Eddie Griffin was practicing for a charity race when he lost control of the Italian supercar. After smashing the car and making it one of the most well-known Enzos in the world, things took a bizzare turn.

How do you crash a $3 million Ferrari Enzo?

An image of a crashed Ferrari Enzo parked up on display.
Ferrari Enzo | Charley Gallay via Getty Images

This crashed Ferrari Enzo story begins with a good cause. That’s because comedian Eddie Griffin was practicing to participate in a celebrity race for charity. As he tells it in his Freedom of Speech comedy special, he arrived at the race track and was offered a few supercars. Out of the bunch, Griffin reportedly picked the Enzo because it stood out over the rest.

Although a small course was prepped for the celebrities on the track, Griffin tells how he got the Ferrari Enzo up to speed on the full circuit. Unfortunately, a turn at high speed leads to some unwanted understeer. As a result, the $3 million hypercar slammed headfirst into a concrete barrier.

The impact sent the Ferrari Enzo flying. As you can see from some of the photos, the car’s front left corner sustained most of the damage. What makes this particularly painful is that the Italian hypercar is made entirely out of carbon fiber. Additionally, we can see that the headlight is smashed in, as are the other components found in the front.

This crashed Ferrari story takes a very unusual turn

An image of a crashed Ferrari Enzo parked up on display.
Ferrari Enzo | Michael Tullberg via Getty Images

If you thought a crashed Ferrari Enzo was unusual enough, you’d be wrong. Since this story went viral back in 2007, it generated loads of press for the movie Griffin was promoting at the time. Additionally, this particular hypercar became one of the most well-known as a result of this unfortunate incident.

Regardless, the film studio decided to take the crashed Ferrari Enzo and display it to promote the movie. What makes this particularly unusual is that, according to Getty Images, a full memorial was held at the parking lot of the famous Chinese Theatre in LA. This included an entire array of flowers and religious artifacts to pay tribute to the destroyed hypercar.

The Ferrari Enzo even remained on display so onlookers could see the damage up close. While the movie studio performed this stunt for publicity, it is still bizarre.

Where is this crashed supercar now?

A digital image of a Ferrari Enzo in a black studio.
Ferrari Enzo | Ferrari

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If you’re wondering where this Ferrari Enzo went, this story ends on a positive note. According to Jalopnik, a Texas man named Matt Groner decided to purchase the crashed hypercar and repair it. At the time of the story, the Enzo was worth around $1.5 million. However, as of writing, prices hover closer to $3 million.

Jalopnik reports that the car sustained around $300,000 in damages during the crash. Thankfully, Groner was able to collect all of the necessary parts to repair it properly. However, Jalopnik report that it took months to get vital components for the rebuild. Regardless, this hypercar eventually sold and now lives somewhere in a private collection like all of the others.