This Vintage Ferrari Barn Find Is What Classic Car Hunting Is All About

A vintage Ferrari barn find. You can already picture it, can’t you? An old, crusty garage filled to the brim old wheelbarrows, water-stained cardboard, a veritable sea of forgotten knickknacks. But, through all the dirt and clutter, you see it. You see that red peeking out, and your heart explodes. What lost classic car could this be? That dream is still alive. Feast your heart on this vintage Ferrari barn find; a 1982 Ferrari 308 GTSi, to be exact. 

barn find Ferrari 308 GTSi is a killer classic
1982 Ferrari 308 GTSi | RM Sotheby’s

Have a look at this vintage Ferrari barn find

Ok, so the little romantic version of finding a barn find that I laid out back there isn’t what happened here. The true story is even better!

According to our friends at Silodrome, this incredible Ferrari barn find was discovered in a French barn along with a host of other incredible classic cars. This vintage Ferrari project car has been dug out of the famed Baillon collection and is now being sold for the decidedly un-Ferrari price of $55,000. 

Was the Ferrari 308 GTSi a good car? 

Ferrari 308 GTSi engine
Ferrari 308 GTSi engine | RM Sotheby’s

Silodrome tells us that the Ferrari 308 GTSi came in 1980 alongside the similar GTBi, the only difference being the Targa top for the GTSi and a hardtop for the GTBi. The “i” designates it as a fuel-injected car, which was not a given in 1980. 

The 308 GTSi had basically the same motor from the previous carbureted model; a 90-degree V8 with double overhead cams per bank mounted transversely behind the driver and passenger. As with the earlier Ferraris, power is sent to the rear wheels via a 5-speed manual with a mechanical limited-slip differential.

The 308 GTSi is a classic car with a big name attached to it

incredible barn find car from the Baillon Collection
Ferrari 308 GTSi | RM Sotheby’s

Forgotten Hypercar Prototype Found in a Barn is Barn Find Nobility

Like many other Ferraris, the 308 GTS and GTB were designed by the great Pininfarina’s Leonardo Fioravanti. The same due also designed the Dino, Daytona, 512 Berlinetta Boxer, 288 GTO, and the Testarossa, among many others.

Unfortunately, the fuel-injected versions of the Ferrari 308 GTS/GTBs weren’t quite as popular as the earlier version because of the emissions restrictions that choked the Ferrari’s power output. 

However, Silodrome notes that the later 308 GTB/GTS Quattrovalvole version fixed the power issues by changing many things, but most importantly, by adding two valves per cylinder. 

What is the Baillon barn find collection? 

Other than the place where this fantastic Ferrari barn find came from, the Ballion collection was a massive barn find discovered in France in 2014. This collection had over 100 cars, some of which were some of the rarest, most beautiful, and valuable classic cars ever made. Some of the collection’s contents were a Bugatti Type 57 Ventoux, a Maserati A6G 2000 by Frua, a Ferrari 250 GT SWB California Spyder, a Talbot Lago T26 Saoutchik cabriolet, and many others. 

The collection sold for a massive $28.5 million. Now the owner of the insane barn find collection is selling the 308 GTSi, which has, for some reason, been hermetically sealed and is in the same rough shape as it was it joined the legendary barn find the collection. 

RM Sotheby’s is selling the crusty yet lovely Ferrari. You can see more details about the car in the listing here