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Yes, this does look like a Ferrari disc brake because it is supposed to look like it. But it isn’t a Ferrari disc brake. The red caliper is plastic, and the rotor is too. In reality, it is a box, a very special and fancy box for mooncakes. Say, what?

It holds six delicious pastries to celebrate the Mid-Autumn Festival in Hong Kong. And it is a gift for Blackbird Concessionaires customers. Blackbird is the official Ferrari importer for Hong Kong and Macau. 

What is the Ferrari mooncake box made of?

Ferrari mooncake box and pastries with six mooncakes
Ferrari mooncake box and pastries | Blackbird

Lead designer Wutek, according to Designboom, took a ceramic disc brake setup from a Ferrari 296 GTB, recreating it into a 1:1 mooncake box. The caliper is 3D-printed, and the rotor is made from ethylene vinyl acetate (EVA) plastic, right down to the cross-drilled pattern just like the real thing. Inside are six mooncakes, three with the Ferrari logo and three with Blackbird’s logo. 

Ferrari mooncake box and pastries leaning against Ferrari
Ferrari mooncake box and pastries | Blackbird

So, what is the Mid-Autumn Festival? It dates back to more than 3,000 years ago in Chinese culture. Every year, the celebration brings together families with mooncakes representing the full moon. The mooncakes are egg yoke and sweet lotus seed paste inside the pastry. The mooncake itself has become a treat that brands use for promotion, like Blackbird Concessionaires. 

Are there other special Ferrari boxes?

Ferrari mooncake box and pastries on top of Ferrari hood
2022 Ferrari mooncake box and pastries | Blackbird

And the boxes have become an art form with sometimes clever and elaborate colorings and packaging. Even the mooncakes themselves have evolved to many different colors and designs while maintaining their round moon-like shape. 

Ferrari mooncake box and pastries next to Ferrari wheel
Ferrari mooncake box and pastries | Blackbird

This Ferrari disc brake wasn’t the first year that Blackbird chose to create a special Ferrari mooncake box. Last year, it made a box looking like the top of a Ferrari 296 GTB V6 engine. It also included the plug-in electric motor. And in years past, it also made Ferrari wheel boxes. So the Blackbird Concessionaires Ferrari boxes have become highly collectible besides being a tasty gift. 


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