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2021 Wonder RL RV in white with black accent color

Ford Transit RV Conversion With Lounge Is a Real Wonder

Sales of recreational vehicles have shot up during the global COVID-19 pandemic. Many people have taken to road tripping, car camping, overlanding, and off-roading as their get-away escapes from the various regional lockdown situations. So, attention to the RV segment is understandable. To try and scratch the itch of getting outdoors, Leisure Travel Vans has …
Green Toyota Tundra with Toyota Tundra with Scout Campers Olympic truck camper mounted in the bed

The Scout Campers Olympic Is a Universal-Fit Truck Camper

Going off-roading or overlanding means keeping your gear compact, for safety and ease-of-use. So, towing a separate camper over rocks isn’t really an option. Luckily, there are still ways of having a comfortable sleeping space. For vans and SUVs, there are rooftop tents. For pickup trucks, there are truck bed campers. And Scout Campers’ new …
Black carbon-fiber RTC 110 roof tent mounted on black classic Land Rover Defender 110

Redtail Overland’s Rooftop Tent Can Stand up to Bears

Campers and RVs may be fun, but for overlanding, you need something a bit more compact. If you’ve got a pickup truck, you can get a bed-mounted camper. For other vehicles, there are foldable rooftop tents. However, to make them stow-able, these tents are usually made of special fabrics, even if they have a hardtop. …
A campsite set up next to an RV

RV Sales Spike During COVID-19 Lockdown

During the global COVID-19 pandemic, social distancing and staying home became the things everybody was required to consider. After a while of being home, however, people have started getting cabin fever. So, many people planned their vacations. Car Camping, Overlanding, and anything else having to do with getting out but still being distant from others have …
Contravans conversion package

Camper Sleeps Five and Fits in Garage for Under $15K

Car camping for a weekend is a fun experience. But, what if you want to travel for more than a weekend adventure. Let us say that you want to go on a cross country trip and want to experience the great outdoors wherever you go. The #vanlife movement has done a lot in recent years to elevate the …
vintage Airstream RV and Camper model trailer parked on the grass at an event

Why Are Airstream Campers so Expensive?

Airstream campers are strikingly bold and easily recognized as they travel down the highway. As shiny beacons of nomadic living, these campers have a storied past and exude generations of legendary craftsmanship. We can truly appreciate prestigious attention to detail when it comes to anything on wheels, but what we can’t figure out is why …
1961 Chevrolet Corvair Greenbrier

The Chevrolet Corvair Greenbrier Was GM’s VW Bus

Although you don’t necessarily need a van for overlanding or on-the-road living, some of them are quite capable both on- and off-pavement. From Japan, there’s the Mitsubishi Delica, for one. But arguably the progenitor of the #vanlife movement is the VW Vanagon, and its predecessor, the VW Bus (‘Microbus’). However, back in the 60s, the …
2020 Mercedes Metris Van | MB

A Glimpse at the Mercedes-Benz Popup Camper

The “van life” dream is trending so hard in the U.S. right now. Millennials are working remote and taking to the highway to live life on the road. To answer this growing popularity, Mercedes-Benz has produced the Mercedes-Benz Metris Weekender. It comes as a fully-equipped popup camper van and gives off all the “van life” …
Land Rover LR4 with Egoé Nestbox Supertramp

Nestbox Helps Non-Vans Live the #Vanlife

Although living the #vanlife isn’t easy, especially if you’re overlanding, more and more companies are starting to support it. The most desirable Honda Elements and Pontiac Azteks are the ones with the built-in tents. But while you can outfit SUVs, pickups, Unimogs, and kei trucks with campers and tents, it’s really about the vans. And …
Overloaded 11th-gen Ford F-150 King Ranch

Overloading Your Truck Comes With Serious Consequences

Whether you’re hauling bicycles, motorcycles, or bed campers, a pickup truck’s bed is a useful space. Although not enclosed like an SUV’s trunk, a truck bed has its advantages. Pickup trucks also usually have higher payload and towing capacities. But towing and hauling are more complicated than just strapping a hitch or loading lumber. If …
EarthRoamer LTi Ford F-550 Super-Duty

EarthRoamer LTi: Ford Super-Duty Carbon Camper

Pickup trucks are popular bases for building overlander explorers. With a camper in the back, a properly-equipped pickup can wander far off-road. Not only is the simplicity appealing, it’s also a necessity. Pickup trucks may have beds, and campers may have storage space, but these trucks can’t exactly haul all the comforts of home. At …
FiftyTen Mid-Size Camping System

FiftyTen Reveals New Jeep Gladiator Camper

Pickup truck popularity in the overlanding community is no accident. Truck bed campers allow owners to pack their belongings neatly away, and not deal with the hassle of unpacking and setting up a tent. Ford has already announced several camper-equipped trucks the automaker will show off at SEMA. Equipment manufacturers make sure they offer a …