A wrecked RV and Chevy Trailblazer blocking I-40
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Don’t Flip Your RV on I-40 Like This Guy Did

A man is lucky to walk away without any injuries after flipping his RV on interstate 40. But the same can’t be said for his SUV or RV. He also got slapped with a nasty fine and had to explain to his wife that he wrecked her Chevy Trailblazer.  Don’t flip your RV  According to …

A Class C RV is parked in a car park as members of the public are asked to stop traveling to the Scottish Highlands
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How Many Miles Will an RV Last?

Before you invest in an RV, it’s probably best to see how long they will last. If a recreational vehicle won’t go the distance, then it could feel like a waste of money. Learn when a used RV has too many miles and what to look for.  How many miles will an RV last?  A …

An RV camper parked on the shore along Kyle of Tongue, shallow sea loch in northwest Highland, Sutherland, Scottish Highlands, Scotland, UK.
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An RV Is At The Epicenter of Blast in Nashville

A recreational vehicle is a source of joy for many families. It provides an opportunity to visit the scenic outdoors, but at the same time provide home-like shelter. So, they are made in such a way to make use of every little space. Numerous cabinets, under-bed storage, and under chassis storage are common in most …

White 2020 Leisure Travel Vans Unity RV driving through a forested mountain road
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3 Reasons Why Buying an RV Isn’t For Everyone

Are you on the fence about buying an RV? That can be a good thing. Purchasing a recreational vehicle is a serious investment, so you should consider the potential downsides before making your purchase. Plus, we have experienced RV owners and travelers sharing their buying advice.  Potential reasons to not buy an RV  First of …

A camouflaged 2021 Hymer Grand Canyon RSX offroad RV
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Mercedes Grand Canyon RSX Is a No Expense Spared Off-Road RV

The Mercedes-Benz Sprinter van has been a popular platform for many years as a base for Class B, and Class C recreational vehicle conversions. The conversions have included bedrooms, bunks, kitchens, and even bathrooms. So, as one can imagine, the pricing for these RV conversions ranges significantly depending on the floorplan, up through the hundreds of thousands. But, what if someone …

A Winnebago Navion RV sits in a valley on a nice blue-sky day.
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RV Awards Season: 2021 Class C Motorhomes of the Year

Every year the RV industry receives awards for different classes of vehicles. This is similar to the automotive industry annually receiving honors for the car and truck of the year. We’ve already covered the Class A and Class B RV winners. Today we dive into the Class C motorhomes. What is a Class C RV? Hundreds of candidates for …

A white Winnebago Outlook with dark accents. on the countryside.

Shopping for an RV Is Unnecessarily Hard

Shopping for an RV is pretty different from shopping for a car. Looking for the ideal RV or motorhome that best suits your needs requires additional planning, budgeting, and maintenance. The annoying thing is that some RV brands make doing this unnecessarily hard.  Why shopping can be difficult for first-time RV buyers  RV living has surged in popularity, …

RV camper drives on road with winter landscape
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How to Safely Handle Your RV in the Snow

Winter is coming, and it’s bringing tons of ice and snow with it. That means you could find yourself trying to drive your RV in icy conditions during holiday travel. Holiday travel is crowded, dangerous, and cops are paying extra attention during these times. So, learn how to safely maneuver your RV in the snow …

A Winnebago Sightseer motorhome is offered for sale at the Camp-Land RV dealership, which also sells travel trailers
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RV Awards Season: 2021 Class A Motorhomes Of the Year

Like the car and truck awards that come out every year, the RV industry also has its own awards season. That season is right now. Earlier, the winners of the toy hauler, and class B categories were covered. Today, the winners of the 2021 awards for class A motorhomes are listed for you.  How the class A motorhome RV awards …

Mercedes-Benz Sprinter vans on display at a dealership
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RV Awards Season: 2021 Class B Motorhomes of the Year

Every year new vehicles are evaluated and given awards with much pomp and circumstance. Consequently, many people become familiar with the car and truck of the year awards. Well, RV manufacturers also receive awards for their products annually. The newest awards highlight the class B motorhome segment for 2021. How class B motorhome awards were determined Our friends at …

A white trailer RV with the pop-up extended sits on a trial with a family sitting under the exterior awning.
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A Holiday RV Donation Can Help Disaster Survivors Transition Back Into Life

Natural disasters are awful things to experience. Fires, hurricanes, and earthquakes can rattle people’s emotions and also destroy homes. Consequently, places to stay after a disaster fill up fast. However, thanks to people’s generosity, a Colorado-based charity is helping disaster survivors’ transitional housing needs with donated RV units.  An RV as a home for the …

A black and white RV sits on a shore line with the awning deployed on a sunny day.
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Reasons You Should Not Buy a Motorhome

Motorhomes are the equivalent of apartments on wheels. They allow the owner to get away from hotels, airports, bus terminals, and other crowded places in the comfort of a home away from home. Some of them can be pretty opulent, providing indoor furnishings that are better than any hotel, and some homes. As attractive as …

Angry trucker
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Do Truckers Hate RV Travelers?

Sometimes RV travelers and truck drivers cross paths, and sometimes the interactions aren’t exactly comfortable. You may feel unwanted by truckers as you park your recreational vehicle at a truck stop. This could make you wonder if truckers are dangerous or where you should park your RV. So, let’s explore the beef between campers and …

Motorhomes at an RV salvage yard
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Trash To Treasure: RV Salvage Yards Are a Thing

Pop-up campers, travel trailers, fifth-wheel, and motorhome RVs are great for socially distanced vacations. Their function as apartments on wheels provides a vacation sanctuary away from crowded airports, bus stations, and cruise ships. Sadly, however, every good recreational vehicle’s life degrades until it is not useful, or it becomes damaged beyond repair. That is where …

RVs parked at a lot by the ocean
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Keeping the Holidays Fun In An RV

The holidays are commonly a time of spreading cheer . . . or trampling shoppers. But, I digress. One thing that helps get people giddy with excitement for the holidays is decorating their homes and participating in neighborhood activities. However, life in an RV can be a little different during the holidays. So, below are some ways to bring …

Panoramic view of the white Ford Transit-based 2021 Wonder RL
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Common RV Mistakes That Cops Watch Holiday Travel For

They know when you are speeding, they see when you aren’t wearing your seatbelt, they’ll give you a ticket, ruining how your holiday travel felt. Alright, so we review automobiles, not holiday songwriters. But the point is, cops are watching. They will spot RV mistakes and could pull you ever. Learn how to safely avoid …

A Winnebago Navion RV sits in a valley on a nice blue-sky day.
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What Are RV Black Water and Gray Water Tanks?

Not everybody is familiar with a recreational vehicle. Instead, some people are just RV curious. So, many terms tossed about in brochures and websites may be unfamiliar to them. That is okay. Everybody starts learning somewhere. For example, the terms black water tanks and gray water tanks are often used in connection with RVs. Below …

A Winnebago Navion RV sits in a valley on a nice blue-sky day.
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Tricks to Get Around the 10-Year RV Rule

I recently posted an article about the infamous ten-year RV rule. The article pointed out that there are multiple reasons a campground may institute a policy barring recreational vehicles more than ten years old. But, different things can be done to get around the RV age rule. Problems with the 10-year RV rule At the center of the …

A stock photo of the Jay Feather Micro Trailer.
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The 10-Year RV Rule Can Spoil Your Vacation Plans

There are many campgrounds across the country that allow a person to wheel up in their RV. But, not all campgrounds are the same. Some are pickier than others on who they let in. For example, some campgrounds have a ten-year rule. Not knowing this ahead of time can ruin vacation plans. What is the 10-year rule? The ten-year …

The American Eagle RV is a bus-like vehicle.
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Remember, Your RV Isn’t as Safe as You Think It Is

Buying an RV is exciting! You get to instantly plan tons of vacations for your friends and family. But when you get your recreational vehicle or motorhome, don’t forget that they can be dangerous. They can be as deadly as large trucks or SUVs in wrecks.  How safe is your RV? To drive a semi-truck, …

A camper van travels from the England to Wales over Bigsweir Bridge which spans the River Wye between Wales and England
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Thor Industries Moves Into 2021 With Billions in the RV Backlog

It’s possible you’ve already seen news showing that the RV business is booming due to the pandemic. Social distancing and closure of many of our favorite places have encouraged many families to take to the open road. Road tripping, camper trips, and RV vacations have suddenly become a huge market for people looking to travel. …

A Newmar Corp King Aire RV has all its storage compartment door open on the bottom of the bus.

These 5 Large RVs Are Amongst the Largest Ever Made

An RV can come in just about any size and for any budget. Understandably, the larger they get, the more features they tend to have. But, not always. A large RV can be made for the budget-conscious, while another one of the same size could be made for those with more affluent tastes. Then there’s …