A Glimpse at the Mercedes-Benz Popup Camper

The “van life” dream is trending so hard in the U.S. right now. Millennials are working remote and taking to the highway to live life on the road. To answer this growing popularity, Mercedes-Benz has produced the Mercedes-Benz Metris Weekender.

It comes as a fully-equipped popup camper van and gives off all the “van life” vibes. As a daily driver, it is the ultimate family car. As a weekend recreational vehicle, it transforms into a popup paradise that can sleep four in glamping-style comfort.

Seats five, sleeps four. With an elevating roof, swiveling front seats, integrated table, a rear bench that converts to a bed, an extra battery for more power, and much more, the Metris Weekender comes standard with enough features to go from day-to-day life to adventure mode with ease.

Mercedes-Benz, MBvans.com

How much for a Weekender?

These minivan campers are said to start at just under $70,000. They are supposed to begin shipping in the Spring. The conversions are being done at the Driverge Vehicle Innovations factory in South Carolina, strategically adjacent to the Metris manufacturing plant.

Driverge Vehicle Innovations and Peace Vans have partnered with Mercedes-Benz to convert the Metris into this deluxe camper. The Weekender runs on a 208-horsepower engine with rear-wheel-drive handling. The front seats swivel 180 degrees and a generous second battery feature provides extra power to electronic devices.

It comes with all the standard safety features included in a Mercedes-Benz SUV, boasts USB ports, and the famous Mercedes infotainment system. In addition to great mpgs and the typical Mercedes-Benz attention to detail, the Weekender has a max towing capacity of 5,000 pounds.

Cool camping capabilities

All of the cool options are what make the Weekender even more exciting. This minivan popup can come equipped with so many added extras. There are camping upgrades like mosquito screens for the rear hatch, solar panels, a large 8-foot awning to protect glampers from the elements, as well as a spare tent that connects to the rear liftgate for extra space.

You can even add a pullout kitchen in the rear and roof rack options are also available. Not to mention over 200 choices for exterior body wraps.


Glamping is all the rage in the Luxury Camping Market. Google dictionary defines glamping as “a form of camping involving accommodation and facilities more luxurious than those associated with traditional camping.” The Mercedes-Benz Weekender is essentially a glamping cottage on wheels.

Experience nature on your terms with this mobilized luxury accommodation. The Weekender offers a pull-out awning and ultra-comfortable sleeping for up to four adults. Or––let’s be real––five if you get cozy.

I can imagine a family with children really taking advantage of the rooftop arrangement. Parents in the cabin, tiny humans in the popup or vice versa is a perfect sleeping setup for a wild weekend in nature.

It’s ideal for the adventurous family.

A family of adventurers will love the plush interior and technology of this popup camper. It’s a minivan with a wild side, ready for action ––or a driveway campout. The navigation system will see you to your destination, whether it’s the supermarket or a supervolcano.

The Weekender fits right into the adventurous Mercedes-Benz family of vehicles like these other conversion-style vans: the Sprinter and the Metris, released in 2015, and the Vito and pop-up-style Marco Polo, which have been sold in Europe since the ’90s.

A little incentive

The first 100 buyers will receive a free national park pass, which is usually $80. The idea is to give the incentive to own a Mercedes-Benz Weekender popup camper van, as well as the incentive to go exploring.

Road trips are still one of the most amazing ways to experience the natural phenomenons and land features that make up our country. With a vehicle like this, Mercedes sends the message to get together and get outside. Go see something you haven’t seen yet, or make the familiar commute an adventure to be had. Load up for a wild ride!