Why You Need a Mercedes Sprinter for Your Next Road Trip

Sprinters are seen everywhere, but mostly as work vans or delivery vehicles. Amazon Sprinters go up and down the street delivering packages from dawn till dusk. The plumber or HVAC guy probably drives one. This may be one reason that they are overlooked as a passenger vehicle.

They can come equipped for a family road trip, with great seating and panoramic views, for instance. Or they are available as little more than a shell so you can build it out custom. You can buy or rent. They come with either a Diesel or Gasoline engine. The options for this vehicle are endless. Especially as a road tripper.

Everyone needs one.

Maybe you are in the market for a new family vehicle to take out for long stretches on the road. Perhaps you are in a band and you’re looking to upgrade the touring bandwagon. Or, you’re a DIYer that is dying for a new conversion project. Either way, the Mercedes Sprinter is not just a work truck. It is what every road tripper needs for their next journey.

The Mercedes-Benz Sprinter is a great road trip van because it is roomy and efficient. They drive like a Mercedes. I’ve driven both The Mercedes Benz Sprinter and the Ford Transit. There is definitely a difference. The Mercedes Sprinter handles with precision and has an amazing turning radius. U-turn with ease when you get lost in a new city. When you see that perfect picnic spot on the side of the highway, have no fear! Turn back with no problems and enjoy roadside lunch with your crew. See something you have to turn back to check out? Mercedes-Benz Sprinter will handle it, no problem.

Now with a 15 passenger option listed in the performance specs, no one gets left behind. This is the ultimate passenger vehicle. Enjoy comfort and luxury. Bring all of your friends and family along for the adventure of a lifetime.

With an average of almost 15 MG, these vans rate well in comparison to an RV or camper type vehicle. They also have the option for all-wheel-drive capabilities in recent years, so they can even travel areas in National Parks that require an all-wheel drive vehicle in order to gain access.

They have awesome safety upgrades.

The 2019 Sprinters are devoted to safety and boast major upgrades to their safety operating systems. A safe, comfortable vehicle that you can convert into your road trip dream vehicle? Yes, please.

New and improved safety features include Active Brake Assist, Blind Spot Mirror Assist, and Attention Assist. These three features are becoming more and more standard on all vehicles, so why shouldn’t the Sprinter have them, too? The MB Sprinter is also equipped with a 360 camera, tailgate prevention technology, and Traffic Light Assist.

The 360 Camera can help you navigate more safely by showing your surroundings. The tailgate prevention technology keeps you safer when you zone out a little bit in your 8th hour behind the wheel. When you are looking at your smartphone yelping the best restaurant in a strange city, Traffic Light Assist can alert drivers when the light changes.

Beyond these safety features, there are also enhanced LED headlights and an emergency call system that detects collision immediately and notifies first responders. All of these safety features are included in most vehicles these days, but not vehicles that were designed for the long road quite like this one.

Sprinter Dreams

When you are dreaming about your next road trip, may your dreams be filled with loaded 2019 Mercedes-Benz Sprinter vans. I mean, come on. They even come in cool colors. I’d choose “pebble grey.” Which color is your Mercedes-Benz Sprinter van?