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RV Living Challenges and Benefits

Many people may consider the idea of living in an RV full-time the ultimate lifestyle. There are indeed a lot of benefits to living a somewhat nomadic life in an RV. But, there are also a lot of challenges that some people are not prepared for, especially during pandemic situations. So, what are the RV living challenges and benefits …
the Mander, Jessy's vintage RV set up in the woods for some time spent in nature

You’ll Fall Head Over Heels for This Gorgeous $1900 RV

Believe it or not, the RV started for just $1,900 on Craigslist. With a bit of investment and a lot of TLC, the owner transformed it into a gorgeous home on wheels. A very tiny and beautiful home that’s basically a hipster’s pocket-sized paradise. This pretty RV renovation is the stuff of nomadic dreams. So …
A white, double axle, pull behind RV trailer

The 3 Best Travel Trailers Under 5,000 lbs

RV travel trailers are a popular option for people looking to get away for a long weekend or an all-out vacation. But, not every vehicle can handle pulling heavy-weight RV trailer. So, people with smaller trucks and SUVs are very mindful of the dry weight of the trailer they need to pull. However, just because …
2020 Toyota Sienna driving around apartment buildings

You Can Turn a Toyota Sienna Into a Campervan for Less Than You Think

Not many people are aware of the latest trend hitting the campervan scene. The minivans driven by suburban housewives and soccer moms are getting a transformation. It turns out that not only are these vans suitable for hauling around the kids and carrying groceries, but they also make an excellent template for a campervan conversion. The Toyota Sienna is a popular …
Pop-up camper set up in a campsite complete with a campfire

What is My RV Worth? 5 Things That Influence Price

According to the 2018 Drive to Decide Survey conducted by Google and Kantar TNS, over ninety percent of people interested in buying a car will do research online first. Part of that research is about the vehicle they want to get into. Another part of the online research is finding out the value of something …
American actor Steve McQueen (1930 - 1980) (as Frank Bullitt) hangs his arm out the driverside window of a car in a scene from 'Bullitt' (directed by Peter Yates), California, 1968.

Steve McQueen, Mr. Cool’s Custom Camper Truck At Auction

Steve McQueen is known to some in the automotive world as Mr. Cool. He was a good actor, with good looks, and had a passion for cars. In fact, he even did some movies that were car-centric. His popularity in the automotive world is such that years after he passed away, anything related to him that …
Toyota Tacoma pop-up truck camper custom built on a 2002 Toyota Tacoma pickup truck

Tarzan’s Toyota Tacoma Truck Camper

Living in a camper isn’t for everyone. However, during recent times more and more people and their families have given thought to hitting the road on a long term trip. There are several ways to go about it. You can buy an RV, do a van conversion, or build a truck camper. For Chris ‘Tarzan’ …
A U-Haul box truck is seen parked in a residential neighborhood.

Box Truck RV Conversions Are a Thing

When people think of an RV, oftentimes, they get the image in their mind of a pop-up camper, a travel trailer, a van, or a bus. But, there is another type of RV that does not pop as easily into people’s minds. That is an RV box truck. Yeah, you know,… the U-Haul kind of …
The Airstream Basecamp travel trailer is parked by a campfire.

You Need These Upgrades For Your RV

If you use your RV to any great degree, you will start to notice things that could be better made for comfort, safety, or communication. Some of those things can be easily be updated in your RV eventually. But, there are other things that you will find are more of an immediate need than a …
a GulfStream Coach RV trailer in a green lawn with a pleasant forested backdrop

Taking Care of an RV is Different Than a Car

Regular maintenance of a car is something most drivers are familiar with. Things like changing the oil and rotating the tires is not an odd thing to hear about in connection with keeping a car running well. But, many people also own an RV. Those need regular maintenance as well. RV maintenance, however, is not …