The Scout Kenai Camper Turns Your Truck Into a Home

Are you ready to go camping but need a little more comfort than a tent can offer? Well, if you already have a truck, you don’t need an RV. You can have one epic truck home with the Scout Kenai Camper. 

The Scout Kenai Camper for heavy-duty trucks 

While there are a variety of Scout Kenai Camper packages for lightweight and midsize trucks, Scout Campers has officially rolled out the Big Boy Kenai for heavy-duty trucks. It’s a luxury set up to transform your massive truck into a pretty epic camper. 

Scout Kenai Camper in truck bed
Scout Kenai Camper

This family-oriented camper can sleep four to six people and comes with the option of long or short beds. One of the most comfortable features includes a fold-out queen-sized bed that goes over the top of your truck cab. Also, it holds dry weight down to an estimated 1,370 pounds, making it easy to haul. 

Big Boy Kenai features 

There is a Goal Zero 1500 power station, and there is a cubby that holds two 10-pound propane tanks, so you will have the power you need. Power is excellent, but what about the ability to use the bathroom? 

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The Big Boy Kenai has you covered. There is an optional cassette toilet that empties into a portable 4.75 holding tank or a Dometic 2.5-gallon portable unit. The expansion area also makes room for a designated bathroom area or mudroom. 

A 360-degree enclosure surrounds a steel drain pan that empties outside of the camper too. Pair it with the portable RinseKit shower kit to have a hot, pressurized shower. A curtain will connect to the enclosure to provide privacy as the water drains out of the camper. Also, the shower kit can fold up and fit on a shelf. 

Big Boy Kenai Scout Camper green features 

The Big Boy Kenai Scout Camper comes with a carbon filter that can filter up to 10,000 gallons of water. Solar power vents also power the porch light, exhaust light, intake system, and more to conserve energy. 

Scout Kenai Camper Lounge
Scout Kenai Camper Lounge

Because this camper is made of a lightweight aluminum exoskeleton, you don’t have to worry about any rot. It’s durable and safe to stand up to rain, heat, and snow. This thing will last for generations. 

Scout Camper convenience 

The Scout Camper comes with a gear locker that stores up to 10 cubic feet of storage for your gear. The interior closet or wardrobe area is also fitted with shelves and storage bins to organize your items. 

There is a built-in power inverter, USB ports, 110-Volt outlets to charge your favorite devices, and a bottle opener is included with the bar. The thermal pane windows come with shades as well. 

Scout Kenai Camper on truck
Scout Kenai Camper

However, the Scout Camper Big Boy Kenai does start around $23,000 before you get into the optional features such as Wifi, a freezer, a new port real flame 4.5k BTU fireplace, roast rooftop tent with an access hatch, and more. 

If you already have a truck and a family that’s ready to go adventuring, then this is a fantastic RV alternative. It’s easy to store, eco-friendly, flexible, isn’t too large, and provides tons of space and amenities.