This F-350 Truck Camper Cabin Is the Ultimate Alaskan Hangout

This cabin is easily one of the gnarliest camper builds I’ve ever seen. Fashioned out of wood and set atop a 1996 Ford F-350 pickup truck, it even has a wood-burning stove for the frigid Alaskan winter. In fact, this truck camper has nearly all of the luxury of a full-size RV. Yet, it’s all squeezed into a highly functional 8-foot package.

It’s an Alaskan home on wheels and it is ready for adventure. The unique and natural aesthetic stands out. So do the amazing geometric windows. But let’s do a run down of the build so we can see in a bit more detail what makes this truck camper cabin home the ultimate Alaskan hangout.

A heavy duty Ford F-350 pickup truck

This pickup truck cabin camper is mounted on a heavy duty F-350 pickup truck. It’s brought to your screens via YouTube channel Full Send Alaskan Overland. The F-350 is a heavy duty pickup from the 1996 model year. This is one of the trusty Powerstroke 7.3-liter diesel trucks with enough power not only for holding the cabin house on the truck bed. This heavy duty Ford F-350 can also tow a load.

A white and red heavy duty Ford F-350 pickup truck 1996 model year
1996 F-350 | Car Gurus

Plus, it got a nice 6-inch lift. That way, 35-inch all-terrain tires fit neatly in the high wheel wells. There is also the addition of airbags into the rear suspension to keep the weight of the truck camper cabin house off the springs and stabilize the vehicle. This camper is made right. Therefore, it isn’t exactly as light as some of the near-cardboard commercial campers.

Built for Alaskan overlanding in a “full send” kind of way

When someone enters full send mode, it’s a commitment unlike anything else on Earth. The same goes for this ultimate Alaskan hangout. This truck camper is sturdy. The builder reinforced the corners and floor. There are 100-watt solar panels on the roof as well as a chimney designed to create a vacuum. This interesting feature is so that you can leave your wood stove burning while you roll down the highway. When you park, the cabin is cozy and ready for mad hangs or just a nice, good night’s sleep.

The entire pickup truck camper cabin RV house is waterproofed to withstand the elements. Because wood was chosen for the building material due to its globally understood nature, four coats of sailboat varnish did the trick. Plus, there is even a little mailbox attached to the porch because so many notes had been left under the windshield wipers.

Going inside the F-350 cabin RV

Upon stopping and walking through the 5’7″ custom crafted wooden door, you see a nice open space ready for 6 people to chill warmly inside in absolute comfort. Yeah, 6 people in an 8 foot truck bed camper cabin. Inside and looking out the incredible state of the art windows at the Alaskan mountains, it’s easy to forget you are even set on top of an F-350 truck bed. There are two full size couches, tons of well thought out storage, water, USB plugs, outlets––you name it.

the wooden interior of the roomy hangout space inside of the Alaskan overland RV cabin
F-350 Truck Cabin RV Interior | Full Send Alaskan Overland

Besides a sink, which the owner of the camper cabin RV truck (Timmy) says he didn’t want or need, this be-wheeled abode is ready to drive straight to the next full send. But don’t take our word for it. Watch one of the videos and see for yourself.


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