You’ll Fall Head Over Heels for This Gorgeous $1900 RV

Believe it or not, the RV started for just $1,900 on Craigslist. With a bit of investment and a lot of TLC, the owner transformed it into a gorgeous home on wheels. A very tiny and beautiful home that’s basically a hipster’s pocket-sized paradise. This pretty RV renovation is the stuff of nomadic dreams. So far the owner says she’s lived in the pretty vintage RV for nearly three years. In this time there’s been much to learn about living in an RV.

Let your freak flag fly

One thing this girl and her Commander RV have learned is not to let fear get in the way. Apparently––at least for her––the lifestyle is rewarding and absolutely worth it. The risk was taken. Now living on the road, though grueling and difficult at times, has no end in sight for her or this amazing hipster RV. Now, Jessy keeps the horizon ahead and lets her freak flag fly––literally.

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Sure, for many the priority is function over fashion. But this is an amazing blend of the two. Though the Commander brand vintage RV needed quite a bit of work, it made it through until some recent mechanical updates. The inside was made to suit a dreamer’s soul with trendy decorations and design that are actually really easy to imagine living in full time. There is basket storage galore on all sorts of shelves in every nook and cranny.

From the succulents and cacti reaching out from dangling macrame baskets to the feline friend Moonchi that “loves the lifestyle,” it almost seems too good to be true. If you want to know more details about her life on the road, the owner of this vintage RV masterpiece published an eBook. Additionally, Jessy does one on one coaching. Whether you are thinking about getting into the nomadic lifestyle or you are struggling a bit after already having started, this seasoned road warrior will advise you. That’s one way she makes money while living free.

How to afford living life on the road

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For Jessy, living on the road in her renovated Commander vintage RV, lovingly called “Mander,” is it. But how does one afford this alluring lifestyle? A quick look at her Instagram and we can definitely guess that Jessy is probably getting some kickbacks as an influencer. But she works hard, too. Not only did she write an entire eGuide to life on the road, but also has taken odd jobs like waitressing along the way. You just do what you have to do. The key is getting out there in the first place.

A gorgeous vintage RV

This Commander renovation is a vintage RV that could inspire many to take to the highway. It’s gorgeous and has the best quirky details like dinosaur figurines, bobbleheads, and crafted wooden poster hangers displaying beautiful depictions of insects. It’s a hipster’s dream home and Jessy is living the life.

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In order to save on cash, she also has a 2015 Super 8 off-road bike. It saves loads on fuel and gives her access to places she can’t go in the Mander. Moonchi stands guard as Jessy works on mechanical projects. Then she comes inside and hangs her hat before crashing on a queensize bed with windows that give her a view of the world.