Fulltime RV Living Is Easier Than You Think

The thought of living in an RV may cause some people a little angst. The more inexperienced a person is, the more angst there may be. It may seem overwhelming to think about finding a good place for the RV to be parked for the night, or what to do when sunlight keeps shining in when sleeping is a priority, or how to make sure internet connectivity is good wherever the RV is parked, and how to address the black water tank? All of those concerns are valid. But there are some ways for a person considering living a mobile palace can feel encouraged or empowered to do just that. 

Wonder RV
2020 Wonder W24RTB | RV USA

Do research online

There are hundreds of people living in their RV fulltime that have Youtube channels. Some of them travel as a to explore, while others travel out of necessity for work. In either case, a lot of information is being passed down to the viewers. Solo living and whole families in RVs are out there. Below are a few channels that are popular. These are listed for informational purposes only and are not to be considered endorsements of the channels. 

30 Days And A Wake Up – The host of this channel started living in an RV two months ago. He’s got a Dodge Winnebago conversion van. Experience the things this newbie goes through when transitioning to this new solo traveling lifestyle.

Getaway Couple – This channel is hosted by a young couple with a fifth wheel RV. The channel started about two years ago and covers their experience after they sold everything and began their adventure. 

LivinLite.net – This couple started their channel about five years ago. You can follow their journey as they live a larger bus motorhome. 

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Experience RV living short term first

If someone is interested in RV living, considering a trial run may be wise. If a friend owns an RV, ask them about borrowing it for a week or a long weekend. If not, RVs can also be rented. Do a quick search online or visit a local RV center and inquire about rentals. The idea is to use the RV for a few days to familiarize oneself with the mobile getaway life. Also, many motorhome dealerships will allow people to spend the first few days of ownership onsite at the dealership. They will have all the hookups available so one can get acquainted with attaching power, draining tanks, etc.

A white Hyundai Porest traveling on the road.
Hyundai’s first RV, the Porest | Asian Petrolhead via Youtube

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Make a plan to transition to RV life

Once the confidence is up, make a plan for the transition. Many times that will involve selling or renting a home while one moves to their new or used RV. Remember also to set up a way to get mail, to have a medical plan that will travel, and a way to have cellular and internet coverage.

Anticipating a move to fulltime RV living can be exciting and anxiety-inducing at the same time. The good news is that people can use any of that anxiety to research online and to talk with experienced full-timers. Thre is so much information online, and the voice of a friend who has gone through it will bring peace of mind. The more information one gets ahead of time, the less phased a person will be when they reach their first obstacle. The transition really can be easier than you think.