This Winnebago Solis RV Flawlessly Facilitates Social Distancing

Before social distancing was life, there was camping. Now, camping has become one of the best ways to make the most of the social distance climate we are all a part of. Camping was definitely just as fun and just as cool back in the day when staying isolated wasn’t global protocol. But today, it’s skyrocketed in popularity. Jumping in your Winnebago RV and going off the grid is the new trending method of enjoying family time while staying away from other people–––without going utterly crazy being at home 24/7.

2021 Solis Winnebago RV

The Solis RV camper is a home on wheels that will take you on a tour of the country’s recreational areas with ease. It is built over a Ram Promaster chassis. Though it’s not an ultra-capable 4×4 off-roader like the Revel 4×4 RV, it’s still designed to make going off the grid easier than ever. A popup camper if you need in. An enclosed camper when you don’t. The Solis Winnebago RV camper is four-season friendly and set up to make the transition between your full-time home and your home on the road as seamless as possible.

the floor plan of a Winnebago Solis RV
Winnebago Solis RV Floor plan | Winnebago

In all reality, you could take up the minimalist life and live in this popup camper RV without ever looking back. It’s roomy enough for someone as tall as a little over six feet to stand up without needing the popup ceiling open. Additionally, you’ll have 220 watts of solar power up top to really give you off-the-grid accessibility.

The Solis branding and the Winnebago running boards are a nice touch, but it’s what’s inside that counts. This is not your everyday DIY van conversion. This is a Winnebago RV. The standards are as high as your expectations. At every turn, there is innovation and extra cargo space giving a new identity to RV storage. You can store gear in the walls, floor, and ceiling of this popup RV camper. It seats 4 with enough safety for driving. Even the jump seats feature three-point harnesses and detailed leather upholstery.

sideview press photo of the Winnebago Solis camper RV against a white backdrop
Winnebago Solis RV camper | Winnebago

Going off-the-grid

This RV is well thought out. It’s both a great new and used RV, as the materials are meant to last. All of the controls for workings such as the propane and the central heating that is featured throughout are easily accessible. They are even labeled in a nice, straightforward manner so as to keep confusion to a minimum. If you are hooked up to a campsite everything is foolproof easy––perfect for first time RV owners. It would also make a great rental RV for an RV rental service.

But where it really shines is in its ability to go off-the-grid. The cassette toilet can be flushed anytime anywhere, with or without being hooked up to an RV campsite. Plus, there are magnet screens at both the rear and side door entries. You can drive till there is nowhere else to go and then enjoy the perfect picturesque view you’ve discovered.

front angle of the Solis Camper built on a Ram ProMaster chassis
Winnebago Solis RV camper | Winnebago

At home in nature

Once you’re parked in your new home in nature, you’ll love that your kitchen sink water gets instantly hot and is situated with a re-circulating tank. That way, you don’t have to use your reserves, and turning on the kitchen sink doesn’t affect your gray water levels. The shower and toilet room double as a heated closet for drying wet gear. It’s even vented so your stuff doesn’t get stinky.

rear view of the interior of the Solis camper built on a Ram ProMater Chassis
Winnebago Solis RV camper | Winnebago

You Don’t Have to Be Retired to Retire in an RV

This thing has me dreaming of loading up our boarding gear and doing a winter tour of our favorite ski resorts. But it’s great for summer too. There is a huge power fan in the ceiling for maximum airflow. You won’t even need central A/C, which can end up being a maintenance nightmare. There is even a rear tent that folds out into an outdoor shower for beach fun. Or dog washing––or really anything. Social distancing RV amenities are easily accessed right down to the fridge, located so you won’t even have to go inside for a cold beverage. This Winnebago RV is a dreamy home on wheels. It sells in the $75-$80 grand range––which is great pricing for the RV camper segment.