Airstream Touring Coaches Aren’t All Outrageously Expensive

Nomadic lifestyles on the road aren’t like they used to be. Today’s RVs and, more specifically, Airstream Coaches are far more upscale than the mobile living vehicles of years past. In fact, these latest models are proving to feel luxurious, with amenities and features that you would only expect on luxury sedans. There is a movement these days for people looking to travel and who want to take advantage of remote work and lifestyles. The Airstream Touring Coach is primed to meet that demand and exceed expectations.

Mobile living is more comfortable

The Airstream Touring Coach is not your grandpa’s RV and is a far cry from “cousin Eddie’s” home on wheels. The bumper-to-bumper, self-contained vehicle is designed to eliminate the hassle of trailering.

Inside, the materials are quality, and the cabins are smart, with plenty of storage, sleeping, and lounging space. Swivel your driver and passenger seats completely and turn into your living space. Enjoy watching the HD TV or fold out the convertible tabletops. With the push of a button, the rear sofa transforms into a spacious and comfortable bed.

Enjoy the conveniences of home with a sizable refrigerator and microwave. Add the generator, with amperage and solar capabilities, for power whenever you need it. The leather touchpoints and elegant surfaces take the ‘rough’ out of roughing it. Marry all these to a robust engine and comparable fuel economy, and you’re all set to hit the road.

Airstream is appealing to younger generations

Mobile living and ‘van life’ (#vanlife) aren’t just for retirement anymore. There has been a movement of younger generations, looking to explore and travel, rather than saddling their finances with rent or mortgages. Families are choosing RV-based vacations to create memories and experiences beyond the traditional destination-driven trips. Today’s digital evolution has also made it possible to work and stay connected, despite being on the move.

Working and living remotely is possible

Remote working and work-from-home capabilities are becoming more popular, especially in recent economic conditions. What people are quickly realizing is that work from home can also mean work from anywhere. Individuals and families are trading in their home office environments for Airstream tabletops and a strong Wi-Fi connection. And it makes sense. Why trade an office cubicle for a home office cubicle when you can instead take your work on the road and enjoy your ever-changing views?

The Airstream Touring Coach is less than a mortgage


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When you think about how much it normally costs to take a family of four to Disney World or buy plane tickets for a destination vacation, it’s easy to see how quickly travel costs add up. Investing in the Airstream Touring Coach means leveraging the continuous vacationing lifestyle with unique experiences and memories ongoing.

The Airstream Interstate 19 starts at $161,000, so life on the road costs less than most home purchases. Even at the higher end, more luxurious levels of trims and amenities, these Airstream Coaches cost $250,000. Airstream makes it easy to configure the floor plan and features you want in an RV model. Forgoing the commitment to a mortgage and subsequent collection of unnecessary possessions and expenses that go with homeownership, mobile life is far more appealing for many.

Have everything you need in a home on the road, in one easy-to-drive Airstream Touring Coach. Stay in touch with nature. Create more experience-based learning for little ones in your family. Visit the nation’s national parks or enjoy the sunrise over a local lake.

Adventure awaits, and it’s less about taking an occasional trip. Today’s travelers recognize the opportunity to take life on the move. Mobile life is made easy by technology. It’s made more luxurious by Airstream.