You Don’t Have to Be Retired to Retire in an RV

RV sales and RV rentals have spiked this year, due to social distancing. Inspired families have discovered the desire to take to the open road in an effort to have fun while maintaining the appropriate distance from public spaces. RVs have it all: the comforts of home with the mobility to seek adventure. RV sales and rental entities like RV Trader and General RV have experienced a boom in business, proving that you don’t have to be retired to retire in an RV.

Campers and RVs
Campers and RVs | Tim Boyle/Getty Images

These mobile homes have always been popular among retirees from the senior age demographic. But Millenials have taken a new interest in buying or renting an RV in leu of the vanlife uprising and the need for social distance in the wake of the global pandemic.

A white RV
Thor Motor Coach’s Chateau RV Model | Thor Motor Coach

RV Trader

When it comes to buying, selling, or renting an RV, RV Trader has long been a primary place to seek your next adventure on wheels. One visit to will have your head spinning with swirling daydreams of your family sharing adventures on the road for long stretches of time. Gone are the days when retired Americans over 60 years old dominate the RV scene. Sales of these road-faring houses are undulating in a giant tidal wave full of people of all ages who crave the open road.

It’s now the perfect time to buy new and used, or rent an RV. But where do you start? RV Trader is a huge sales and rental operation that lays all options out for you in one place. You can get a great idea of sizes and price ranges to help narrow down your search.

General RV

General RV is another popular place to look for a new or used adventure mobile. The General RV Center is is another huge mogul in the Recreation Vehicle market. It’s one more fun place to browse and dream about your camper or big rig investment.

From rentals to new and used sales, General RV shows so many listings it’s a fun place to start learning the market. This is another website to help you begin to familiarize yourself with the various RV classes. But we have to be careful not to get ahead of ourselves.

Beware of the big sell

As fun as it is to look at listings, don’t get caught up and buy something in the heat of the moment. This is a massive investment, and you don’t want to wind up wasting money on poor quality. Sometimes these big rolling homes look really fantastic––riddled with TVs and materials that look upscale. But they aren’t all created equal.

A large new RV motor home driving up a winding mountain pass
The 2021 Wonder Rear Lounge (RL) RV | Leisure Travel Vans

Do your research

The Camp Addict website devotes itself to informing consumers. While even a short period of persistent perusal of postings can make us feel like budding RV experts, it’s smart to take advice from someone who really knows their stuff. Be sure to research thoroughly before buying.


RV Sales Spike During COVID-19 Lockdown

These magnificent wheeled monstrosities are often built to withstand only a few weeks a year of use––not live in fun. In fact, it’s common to find fine print clauses in RV warranties that specifically say that the vehicle is not intended for long term living. This is why it’s so important to find an RV that’s built to last.