Hottest-Selling Vehicles Right Now Aren’t Trucks, SUVs, Electric, or Crossovers

Everyone’s up for a road trip. That’s why trucks and SUVs are so popular. But what else should you take on a road trip? How about an RV? Or an Airstream? Well, get in line because the hottest-selling vehicles right now aren’t trucks, SUVs, electric, or crossovers. No, the hottest sellers are RVs and trailers. Seriously. Cross-country travel and camping can be fun.

The coronavirus will have lasting effects far into the future. Depending on how long this nightmare lingers on could potentially change life for decades. But, there are silver linings. One of those is that people will not be tied down. We want our adventures, road trips, and fun. But we want to have it responsibly and safely.

Airstream trailers and Winnebago are experiencing incredible sales

2020 Chevrolet Silverado 2500HD LTZ Z71 with trailer
2020 Chevrolet Silverado 2500HD LTZ Z71 with trailer | Chevrolet

That’s why Airstream trailers and Winnebago in particular are experiencing incredible sales. So is renting RVs and trailers. The whole wheeled travel industry is hot right now. In May 2020 alone Airstream sales were up almost 50% from last May. That’s crazy. 

June 2020 was seeing record numbers but the final tally has not been released yet. If you waited to see how the coronavirus would play out before summer, well, guess what? It’s summer. So it seems that many are now rushing out to buy up trailers or RVs to get that vacation in before your summer ends as a staycation. 

See the USA in your own containment vessel

Campers and RVs
Campers and RVs | Getty

If you want to see the world but the coronavirus is stopping you, see the USA in your own containment vessel. Your exposure is significantly reduced when your travel and living spaces go with you. Look what you avoid: airplanes, hotels, public restrooms, and restaurants. Plus you get to see the wonders of the USA. And there are too many to imagine.

Representatives from both Winnebago and Airstream told Car and Driver that they are seeing record first-time-buyers, too. They both estimate that number is between 45-50%. “We have seen a strong wave of first-time RVers this late spring and summer,” Winnebago spokesman Sam Jefson told C/D. Winnebago says even Class B vans are seeing big increases in sales. 

But buying an Airstream trailer or Winnebago RV is not cheap. So the other side of the coin is rentals. Cruise America, which is the nation’s biggest RV rental company says it is experiencing three-times more reservations than this same time last year. “The domestic business is booming,” Cruise America spokesman Randall Smalley told C/D. “There’s no other form of travel. That’s not a negative to RVs. It’s just that a lot of people would never consider this type of vacation. They would be going to the hotels or doing something of that sort, [now] they’re saying ‘You know what, it’s time to consider RV travel.’ ” 

“Many RV dealerships that were able to reopen their showroom reported record sales.”

A mid-size Nissan truck getting ready to tow a camper
A camper next to a Nissan truck | Getty

Camper Sleeps Five and Fits in Garage for Under $15K

Not only are reservations way up from last year but so are purchases of RVs Cruise America sells to update its fleets. The number of sales has doubled from this time last year. “While numbers compared to last May show a 30 percent decrease, the reality is the RV industry is very strong right now,” RVIA president Craig Kirby stated in a monthly market report. “Many RV dealerships that were able to reopen their showroom reported record sales.” 

Humans adapt, and so we shall still seek fun and fortune. It’s just in a different form. Right now “safe” travel appears to favor the RV or a trailer. And whether you realize it now or not the fun summer you traveled during a pandemic will stay in you and your family’s memories forever.