This Sport RV Van Has An Expandable Porch

The making of an RV is a complicated thing. Engineers and designers have to maximize the use of every inch of the vehicle. It gets even more complicated when the base for the RV is a smaller passenger van. But, year in and year out, RV manufacturers have found ways to make vanlife more and more like a micro home. Refrigerators, sinks, televisions, and storage are all things cleverly engineered to be within a new RV. This one we recently came across, even found a way to bring the party outdoors with an expandable porch.

A white and long Ford Transit van is shown parked against a grassy area.
The Embassy Traveler Sports RV is based on a Ford Transit | Embassy Specialty Vehicles

Two RV platforms form the base

Embassy Specialty Vehicles has launched their Traveler series of motorhomes. The Traveler PRL is based on a Ram ProMaster 3500 series van. The Traveler Sport is a more budget-friendly version based on the Ford Transit and is the subject of this piece.

The Ford Transit used for the class B RV conversion is the extended chassis, at 21.9 feet long. There are eight inches of ground clearance to the bottom of the running boards in the standard or all-wheel drive models. The motivation is provided by a 3.5-liter EcoBoost gasoline engine. Towing capacity is rated at 13,000 pounds. Eight layers of industrial-grade aircraft insulation is used to keep the occupants comfortable year-round. 

Inside the RV

There is a sofa that converts to a bed, measuring 46 by 76. Again, this is a budget-friendly model. So, no Corian countertops are seen. Instead, marine-grade vinyl and plastics are used for the cabinetry, seating, and countertops. But, it does not seem low grade at all.

The interior of the RV has a black sofa and a small kitchen.
The Embassy Traveler Sports RV interior | Embassy Specialty Vehicles

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The galley

The galley also has a residential faucet, stainless steel sink, portable cooktop, and microwave. The Dometic fridge is a portable 106 can cooler unit placed on a swivel platform. That way, it can be used from the indoors or swung around to be accessed from the outside for the grillmaster. But, it can also be taken out for use at the beach or to fill up from your home refrigerator.

The bathroom

The bathroom has a good-sized Laveo dry-flush toilet, a mirror, showerhead, and lighting. Water is routed through a 23-gallon gray and 23-gallon freshwater bladder system. It is mounted under the sofa. 

The rear of an RV has a porch tent platform.
The Embassy Traveler Sports RV has an unfolding rear porch | Embassy Specialty Vehicles

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Entertainment comes from a television that is mounted on an articulating frame. So, the television can be seen from the sofa and pivoted to be seen outside just as easily, if you’re sitting on lawn chairs outside. There is also a sound system.

The party in the back of the RV

This is where things get interesting. The Embassy Traveler Sportsman RV has an optional unfolding tent platform in the rear of the vehicle. This is where the engineers maximized space usage. The rear of the vehicle unfolds and provides external floor space that can be used as a larger dining area with or without the tent walls. The video below shows the transformation.

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The RV comes with a few warranties. The original ford chassis 3 yr/36,000 warranty is coupled with a 5/100,000 drivetrain warranty. Additionally, a 3yr/36,000 warranty is provided from Embassy on workmanship for the RV.

The Traveler Sportsman RV pricing

Pricing for the vehicle begins at the $99,000 range. But, the vehicles can be made as custom as desired. So, pricing can easily go up quickly depending on the features and accessories added, such as all-wheel drive, the expanding rear porch, and an outdoor retractable awning. The ability to customize ensures the RV can be made to fit you, not the other way around. 

Some praise is deserved for the Embassy engineers for working out a sensible RV that has cleverly included a rear porch. They have found a way to maximize space and bring the outdoors in too. At the same time, they seem to have covered everything a young couple may be looking for in their RV. It is no wonder more, and more people are venturing into the vanlife.