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Do you love a good winter snowfall and all the snowsports it brings? Consider rolling out the RV and outfitting it for winter adventures. After all, the less time you spend getting to your favorite snowy mountain, the more time you’ll have for skiing, snowboarding, snowshoeing, and whatever other winter sports give you a thrill. And saving money on hotels and eating out will give you more money to spend on the fun stuff.

Winnebago suggests the following additions to your camper to make it even more perfect for ski season and other winter sports. This equipment will keep your gear safe, help you stay warm and dry, and offer something to do when the weather inevitably keeps you inside your rig.

Gear storage box

Winnebago RV in ski season
Winnebago Ekko RV | Winnebago Industries, Inc.

You’ll want to store your gear where it’s safe from the weather and thieves. If your camper doesn’t have adequate built-in storage, a long roof-mounted storage box does the job well, especially if you already have a mounted ladder to access it. Another option is a door-mounted gear box at the rear of the camper. Just make sure that whichever option you choose will hold all of your outdoor gear, whatever the season. 

All-weather floor mat

Dirty boots will track mud and snow throughout your camper if you don’t have a convenient place to park them. A good floor mat will collect the melting snow and messy mud and keep it confined to one area, preferably near the main entrance. Adding sturdy hooks above the mat for hanging other outdoor gear will help keep the rest of your camper clean and dry.

Magnetic hooks

Hooks will allow you to hang gear up and out of the way. Magnetic hooks in the bathroom are perfect for hanging wet or snowy gear where the water can drain. The especially nice thing about magnetic hooks is you can rearrange them and store them out of the way as needed.

Boot dryers with power plug splitters

Starting with warm, dry boots makes a great day’s skiing even better. The same goes for socks, hats, and gloves. A power plug splitter will let you operate multiple boot dryers simultaneously. Place everything you want to dry on the boot dryers and start them up, knowing all your gear will be dry the next time you hit the slopes. 

After-ski set-up

Do you love a good après-ski after a long day on the slopes? Create your own at your campsite with a propane fire pit and folding chairs. Add an outdoor table and a propane stove if you enjoy cooking under the stars and crave something more substantial than toasted marshmallows.

Fun indoor activities

Because the sun sets so early in the winter, and mountain areas often get brutally cold at night, it’s a good idea to plan for indoor entertainment. Books, puzzles, cards, board games, and other activities will help you while away the hours you’re stuck inside.

In addition, magnetic mounts on the back of a tablet will let you watch your favorite TV shows and movies from the comfort and cozy warmth of your RV bed. Just make sure you’ve preloaded plenty of content before leaving for the mountains.

Emergency supplies

Also, remember to pack extra water, food, warm clothing, and an emergency heat source in case of a breakdown or blizzard. Mountain road conditions and winter weather can be unpredictable.


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