Jayco’s Unbeatable Warranty Makes It a Tempting Choice for Your Next RV

Long road trips, evenings by the campfire, and peaceful days in the wilderness are all at your fingertips if you have a good RV. Unfortunately, campers can be pretty pricey, making them a big commitment. For peace of mind, it’s well worth taking the time to research companies that provide the best coverage, such as Jayco. This long-trusted brand has such an impressive warranty that it made it onto Mr. RV’s list of the best RV brands.

Jayco’s decades of experience

Jayco is truly an original of the camper world. This brand has been around for 50 years, and it has long been building a reputation as a trustworthy supplier of RVs, maintaining a fastidious commitment to its high standards throughout the decades.

There are four main pillars of Jayco’s mission. The first is quality — this brand is truly committed to walking the walk, working with expert engineers, craftspeople, and dealers to provide continually excellent service. The second is family focus, as Jayco prioritizes family-friendly designs. Next is awards: Jayco has provided the best-selling travel trailer in the United States for the past 13 years in a row, and continues to impress audiences every year. 

Finally, Jayco prizes sustainability. In fact, each RV features EcoAdvantage features that can help to improve gas mileage, saving you money while being better for the environment.

Another perk of this brand is that it has a huge product line. Going RV shopping can be a highly personal experience, and it’s reassuring to know that no matter what you’re looking for, you’ll likely be able to find it from such a trusted company.

An industry-leading warranty

Jayco may have many benefits, but perhaps the most impressive is its warranty. This brand offers a 24-month/24,000-mile warranty that covers all defects and crafting errors. With two full camping seasons covered, it’s easier to feel a little more secure committing to a big RV purchase.

A two-year warranty is twice what you’d normally get for an RV, something that Jayco prides itself on. The brand provides the warranty itself, indicating that it truly believes in the quality of the products it puts out. As Jayco notes, “duration and who offers the warranty are direct indicators of the quality of an RV’s construction.”

Rather than reducing the quality of its coverage as the years go on, Jayco is actually improving it. This year it added 12 months to its structural warranty, bringing coverage up to three years in total. This blows the competition out of the water and is a testament to the brand’s confidence in its RVs.

How can Jayco provide such impressive coverage?


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There are a number of ways that Jayco is able to offer its incredible warranty. First and foremost, the quality of its products really is topnotch: the RVs roofs, for example, are designed to withstand up to 4,500 pounds. Jayco exclusively works with experts, and its products must all go through intensive quality assurance testing before they are released to the public.

Additionally, Jayco’s engineers don’t just forget about the products once they are sold. They continually track the claims that people make throughout the year. This gives them real-world data for where there are flaws, and lets them see the features that people are using most frequently. The engineers will then adjust the next year’s RV designs in response to this information.

While an RV is absolutely a big purchase, it doesn’t need to be too intimidating. Going with a trusted, high-coverage brand like Jayco should provide peace of mind so that you can spend your camping trips relaxing, not worrying.