Nestbox Helps Non-Vans Live the #Vanlife

Although living the #vanlife isn’t easy, especially if you’re overlanding, more and more companies are starting to support it. The most desirable Honda Elements and Pontiac Azteks are the ones with the built-in tents. But while you can outfit SUVs, pickups, Unimogs, and kei trucks with campers and tents, it’s really about the vans. And to make getting out on the road easier, there’s Czech Republic company Egoé’s modular Nestbox products.

#Vanlife and the Egoé Nestbox

Land Rover LR4 with Egoé Nestbox Supertramp
Land Rover LR4 with Egoé Nestbox Supertramp | Egoé

As Motor Trend reports, Egoé’s Nestboxes are a range of kits that turn ordinary vans and cars into mini-campers.

Egoé Nestbox Camper
Egoé Nestbox Camper | Egoé

The smallest is the Camper, designed for small crossovers and wagons. Next is the medium-sized Hiker, followed by the Roamer. Those living the #vanlife will probably want the Hiker or Roamer. There’s also the Supertramp, a reinforced Nestbox meant for off-roading.

Egoé Nestbox Hiker
Egoé Nestbox Hiker | Egoé

Every Nestbox is made up of several smaller modules. There’s the main frame, the folding bed and mattress, and a cooking module. The Hiker, Roamer, and Supertramp can also add a fridge/freezer unit. The Camper’s size means it only gets a cooling bag. The Camper is also unable to fit the water module, which adds a foldable sink, two 3-gallon water tanks, a suction pump, and an extendable shower hose.

In addition to the modules, there are also some additional Nestbox accessories. These include camping axes, shovels, as well as a ceiling-mounted bag. And, if there’s not enough space in the van, Egoé also offers 2-person and 4-person rooftop tents.

Pricing and availability

Fully-loaded, the Nestbox Camper goes for roughly $3,120. The Roamer and Supertramp cost roughly $3,795. And the Hiker is the most expensive, at just under $4,020. If you desire, though, you can order the Nestboxes solely with the sleeping module.

FiftyTen Mid-Size Camping System
FiftyTen Mid-Size Camping System | FiftyTen

That’s actually significantly less than some other campers. FiftyTen’s Gladiator-compatible camper, for example, starts at $32,800. And even the Summit Hardtop is more expensive, at $9,100.

Go Fast Campers Platform
Go Fast Campers Platform | Go Fast Campers

Egoé’s rooftop tents are also fairly affordable. The 132-lb 2-person tent retails at $2745, and the 165-lb 4-person for $3800. Both are lighter than Go Fast Campers’ products, and cheaper, too. Though, as always, before installing the Nestbox or tents, check your vehicle’s rating to make sure it’s not overloaded.

Unfortunately, at the moment, MT reports Egoé doesn’t officially provide support to US customers. Although the company has showrooms in Europe and Asia, it lists no US shipping policy on its website. That being said, it’s doubtful Egoé wouldn’t be able to ship a Nestbox to a #vanlife vagabond in the US.

Vehicles compatible with the Nestbox

However, the European-focused business model does mean most of the Nestbox-compatible vehicles aren’t available in the US, like the Volkswagen California. And, unfortunately, the Nestbox isn’t designed for one of the best overlanding vans, the Mitsubishi Delica. But there are some US-market vehicles that can be fitted with Nestboxes.

2020 Subaru Forester Limited
2020 Subaru Forester Limited | Subaru

The Camper can be fitted to the Land Rover LR4, Volvo XC60, Subaru Forester, and the Subaru Tribeca (the precursor to the Ascent). Egoé also lists the Volkswagen Passat as being compatible, but it’s unclear which generation.

2020 Mercedes Metris Van | MB
2020 Mercedes Metris Van | MB

The Roamer is compatible with the Mercedes Vito, aka the Metris van, as well as the Ford Transit van. And the only vehicle the Supertramp is designed for, at the moment, is the Land Rover LR4.

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