The Scout Campers Olympic Is a Universal-Fit Truck Camper

Going off-roading or overlanding means keeping your gear compact, for safety and ease-of-use. So, towing a separate camper over rocks isn’t really an option. Luckily, there are still ways of having a comfortable sleeping space. For vans and SUVs, there are rooftop tents. For pickup trucks, there are truck bed campers. And Scout Campers’ new Olympic is one that can fit in basically any pickup bed.

The Scout Campers Olympic truck camper

Green Toyota Tundra with Toyota Tundra with Scout Campers Olympic truck camper mounted in the bed
Toyota Tundra with Scout Campers Olympic truck camper | Scout Campers

The Olympic is Yakima, Washington-based Scout Campers’ first product, Automobile reports. However, the brand is actually part of Adventurer Manufacturing, which has been in the truck camper business since 1969. Though most of its products are noticeably larger than the Olympic.

The Olympic truck camper’s frame and body panels are made of aluminum. The latter, including the ones on the roof, are coated with gel-coated fiberglass, Motor1 reports. With an 1133-lb curb weight, it’s not exactly the lightest truck camper on the market. But it does have quite a few standard features.

The base Scout Campers Olympic comes with a 160W solar panel and a portable 1045-Wh lithium-ion battery. The latter has a built-in 1500W inverter as well as multiple USB ports and 110V outlets.  The truck camper also has built-in LED ceiling lights, a stainless-steel sink, and a solar-powered vent. For water, there’s a 4.9-gallon Jerry can complete with a charcoal filter and spray wand. Though to save power, the water system is gravity-fed. There are even carbon monoxide, smoke, and gas leak detectors.

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Normally, the Olympic has enough room for 4 people to sit and sleep. But you can also fit it with a roof-top tent big enough for 2 more people. Other options include a portable toilet, a portable 3000-BTU heater, a fridge/freezer unit, WiFi, an awning, a portable gas cooktop, and a 4500-BTU fireplace. Hence all the detectors.

Buyers can also add additional water and storage packs, as well as a slide-out gear locker. The standard Olympic truck camper comes with a 5-cubic-foot gear locker.

Pricing, availability, and compatibility

Side view of an unmounted Scout Campers Olympic truck camper with tent
Scout Campers Olympic side view | Scout Campers via Instagram

As of this writing, the Scout Campers Olympic is available for pre-order starting at $19,980. A specific full-production date is not yet available.

Minus the cab-over portion, the Olympic is 71” long and 47” wide, and intended for mid-size pickups. So, if your truck has a payload for 1133 pounds, and has a bed at least 6’ long and 4’ wide, it can carry this truck camper.

Scout Campers is planning on releasing 2 additional models, the Yoho and Kenai. The former will be lighter and smaller than the Olympic, for compact pickups. The Kenai, meanwhile, will be larger, with offerings like a proper bathroom and wardrobe. The Yoho is set for release on June 10th, 2020. The Kenai’s release date has not yet been announced.

How it compares to other truck campers

At almost $20k, the Scout Campers Olympic isn’t exactly cheap. There are also truck bed campers which are significantly lighter.

For example, there’s Go Fast Campers’ Platform. It weighs 250 lbs and costs about 1/3rd as much as the Olympic. However, the built-in tent is uninsulated. And the GFC Platform is basically just the aluminum panels and tent.

2020 Jeep Gladiator with AT Summit Hardtop
2020 Jeep Gladiator with AT Summit Hardtop | AT Overland

AT Overland’s campers are about half the cost of the Olympic, and can be configured for a variety of pickup trucks. But, like GFC’s Platform, they’re basically little more than an enclosed area with a tent. Though said tent can at least be ordered with insulation.

FiftyTen Mid-Size Camping System
FiftyTen Mid-Size Camping System | FiftyTen

Overloading Your Truck Comes With Serious Consequences

But, while the Olympic isn’t inexpensive, it is cheaper than many other campers with similar levels of equipment. FiftyTen’s Jeep Gladiator camper, for example, has fewer standard features but costs about $33,000.

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