Check Out This Awesome Jeep Gladiator Overland Bed Camper

Overlanding represents some of the most romantic aspects of off-roading. Load your truck with whatever you need, drive to wherever you want, then sit back to watch the sunset. It’s not just appealing, it’s a lucrative business. But you can’t just sleep in any old tent, or inside your truck. You also can’t stick a tent on the roof and call it a night. That’s why companies like Go Fast Campers and Adventure Trailers make rooftop tents that fit in your pickup’s bed. And now, as The Drive reports, the Arizona-based AT has a Jeep Gladiator-specific version of its Summit Hardtop.

What’s so Special About the Summit Hardtop?

Mainly, the weight. Or rather, lack of it. Due to its aluminum construction—the walls are 0.60” thick, reinforced with a 1” thick honeycomb composite—it only weighs 350 lbs. Even so, it can support 600 lbs of tools and people on its shell, with its roof strut supporting another 100. Considering the Jeep Gladiator Rubicon’s payload capacity of 1200 lbs, you’ll hardly notice the Summit Hardtop.

It’s also the first (and so far, only) rooftop tent made specifically for the Gladiator. With how ridiculous the demand for Jeep’s pickup has been, AT has got quite a big market on its hands.

Camping in Style

In addition to the light-weight strength, AT has fitted the Summit Hardtop well for off-road camping. Owners can configure multiple mounting points to carry anything from a kayak to a mountain bike. The fabric tent is both UV-resistant and flame-retardant, and the windows come with bug netting. The construction also lets your mattress bedding stay in place even when the tent’s folded.

Speaking of the mattress, the interior’s pretty sweet, too. There’s carpeting, for one. The Summit Hardtop can also be wired with 12-volt and USB outlets—you’ll need a charged phone for those sweet Instagram shots, after all. And you won’t need to fear cold nights, with the optional Thinsulate liner and forced-air heating system. I’d make a kitchen sink joke, except The Drive states you can fit a mobile kitchen, too.

Summit Hardtop Pricing and Availability

At the moment, AT has not announced pricing for all the optional features. However, the Jeep Gladiator-specific tent starts at $9,100. There’s also an eight-week lead time, which may stretch as demand grows.

But with the potential for exploration, I imagine future owners will find them worth every penny. Gladiator campers, we salute you.