The McLaren logo on the hood of an orange 720S coupe in 2018
McLaren logo | Jacques Demarthon/AFP via Getty Images

McLaren Automotive is the division of the British manufacturer McLaren Group. Based in Woking, U.K., the automotive division produces luxury supercars. McLaren has a deep-rooted history in racing — founder Bruce McLaren joined the Formula 1 team in 1959. Four years later, he created Bruce McLaren Motor Racing, producing the company’s first race car, the M1A. After his tragic death, the company merged with Ron Dennis’ Project 4 Racing team.

McLaren’s first purpose-built road car was the F1 in 1992. After its production run, the automotive division stopped making cars until 2010. That year, the company released the 12C and then the Spider. Thanks to its reputation for performance and artistic design, the brand has become recognizable worldwide.

Maintaining a McLaren varies depending on the model, but owners can expect to spend over $1,000 yearly for routine maintenance.

Popular models include the 720S, P1, Senna, 570S, and Speedtail. The Speedtail is the fastest McLaren road car, reaching 250 mph.

Featured Vehicle: Senna

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All McLaren Vehicles:

Coupes & Convertibles:

GT: This lightweight grand touring model has relatively generous luggage space

765LT: A powerful track-focused supercar limited to 765 examples

765LT Spider: The convertible version of the 765LT

720S: With a 4.0-liter twin-turbocharged V8, this two-door coupe can zoom from 0 to 60 mph in 2.8 seconds

720S Spider: The convertible version of the 720S

Elva: Part of the McLaren Ultimate Series, the brand’s lightest road car has an open top and mid-engine design

Senna: Another McLaren Ultimate Series model, this limited-production mid-engine hypercar also comes in a track-only GTR version

Speedtail: This three-seat McLaren Ultimate Series model is the automaker’s fastest street-legal hypercar

Hybrids & Electrics:

Artura: The brand’s first hybrid supercar boasts an electrified powertrain and ultra-lightweight carbon fiber architecture

Consumer Research:

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